Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alwyn Talbot


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( Just a recent sketch as a placeholder untill i’ve had time to think of an idea. )

Count me in !

this is where the fun begins : )


When the contest ends today, would you be the winner!
I wish you much fun with the competition.


haha thanks man : )

much fun and big luck to you sir!


My heart almost skipped a beat, thinking “If that is the sketch, what are we up against! Aaaaaargh!”
Best of luck, I’ll be on the lookout for this entry.


Some nice placeholder… I’ll be glad to see your progress…


Whats this? It is already a poster quality scene!
Is this a robot? :bounce:


One of the things david talked to me about was that all of the senior sentient species had “duennabots”, hovering or rolling guards to protect ambassadors and businesscreatures. Pretty much all the B&W illustrations I did for “Contacting Aliens” had some sort of duennabot floating in the background.

By the way, Mark says it’s ok for me to help people and be a judge at the same time.

I like your stuff.

Kevin Lenagh


thanks all :smiley:

been in bed with a crazy fever since thursday so no progress! hope to get some sketching done today.

many thanks for the comments !


dominochance > oo interesting stuff man, i’m not familiar with the guys work ( the shame ) it would be cool if i could keep more to the theme, i may be pestering you for info as we go :slight_smile: haha.

KU2GUN > thank you mate! i’m not sure to be honest, i thought i’d do a bit of a sci fi scribble to get in to character, really glad you like it … maybe it should be an element of this piecde after all …

steevieWoo > cheers dude, i’ll be watching yours too!

JuanManuel > Best of luck to you too man ! looking forward to seeing your updates.


Being down with fever/flu/something is a bummer, not just content-wise, but life-wise. I hope you get better really soon.

It was in fact your sketch entry that moved me to participate in the challenge. It was a sort of “I must be a part of all this, however slim my chances of winning”.


JuanManuel > much better now thanks! hoping to make a start for real today.
my sketch ? ? wow that’s ace mate, i’m honoured :slight_smile:


hey dude,

lol i thought i posted in your thread last night but i must have been too drunk and closed the window insted of hitting the submit button…lol

looking forward to seeing some sweet works from ya!
get to it!!..

have fun!!


yay and you man!


geeee… I llllove your sketch :thumbsup:


ok! :slight_smile:
The idea is that aliens are being fleeced of any technology and treated as second class citizens.

humans are advancing technology wise as a result of there new ’ guests ’ but are just using them for cheap labor etc. I’ll have to work the background in some way to really get this across. billboards, lots of clearly new additions to the buildings / traffic.
And may be a few parallels with 50’s /60’s America, segregation etc.

( idea number one any how )


u56237z > thanks man :smiley:


just scribbling, not sure about this idea yet…


…i’m thinking i going to start an new idea, this would be kind of nice but maybe to understated…?


…i’m thinking i’m going to start an new idea, this would be kind of nice but maybe to understated…?