Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alperen Kahraman


So I submitted the Final Scene. I’m so thankful to all the visitors at my thread for their kind comments and not to live me alone. And i’m grateful to ahmetekn for his endless support on me.
I hope everything will be ok for all challengers. There are great pictures again as always.
I’m always appreciating the challenge committee for their great challenge subjects which provokes amazing art pieces and for their great judging.

See you on the next one guys!! :wavey:


Bravo to have finished your Image, really powerfull, dazzling composition and drawing.

I like the interesting of the alien behind him who turn around and looks at his pets.




Just Great, nothing more to say.
Concept, painting, style, composition… five stars from me. No doubt one of the best entries here. Thank you.


Wooow: amazingly inspiring work! :drool: The feel and look of your final image is really awesome: such a subtile use of a simple interior and the characters in it! And that with a feeling of lighting that probably only Rembrandt could surpass! :scream: :bowdown:When looking at your painting, I’m happy to be a member of the same community :wink:

All the best on the voting - while I’m quite sure you don’t have to worry about that! :wink: Get your wel deserved rest now! :beer:


Your entry is beautiful! I couldn’t tell if it was a 3d render or painting at first glance (this was the first time I had seen it)…so in that sense, you’ve done a wonderful drop of lighting and shading everything (and I think your composition is great)!

Good luck!


Hey pal, you finished. :bounce: :thumbsup: :buttrock: :bowdown: I’m very happy for you finished and submited to final image with success. I can’t say anything for your entry. Absolutely the most beautiful 2d work yours in this challenge. Compositon, ligting, painting and especially concept is excellent. I glad for entered to challenge with you. Thank you mate!
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Wow, this looks like it belongs in an art museum! :drool:


Alperen you really did a good work here . Congratulations



Happy to be able to have this sharing with you guys… Thank you. :wavey:


great work! i like the style:)


(for chandro;))



nice one!



Congrats! A beautifully executed pic you created.


Hey people… I guess I win some degrees and prizes. Could you tell me if it is real?:shrug: I’m kind’a having problem to believe it. This actually was a dream to me. This is amazing and so precious.

[color=Yellow]I didn’t take any education about digital illustration and didn’t watch much tutorials at all. I’m trying to achieve the things by myself and alone here.
I don’t have much thing to improve my art but the cgsociety challenges.

I’m having in those challenges to interact with masters and people who have great art sight. I’m watching digital artists here closely. And this is only way to develop myself. I don’t know any other place.

I attended to this challenge for this aim only and I honestly wasn’t thinking to win something here. But that’s a great thing that some guys watching you, understanding, sharing and they don’t miss anything what’s beautiful someway.[/color]

So I’m grateful… :wavey:


this image is quite intimidating, but i like the idea you used and the character design is also intriguing…nice work


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