Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Alperen Kahraman


thank you very much guys, i gave a break for that job. I’m ok for the concept and i’ll make a strong start for the progress after some break… See you all!! :wavey:


really nice design character(Aliens)!
i love your characters:)


I’m walking with small steps on this challenge cause of a lot thing to do and i’m not so happy with this. Anyway I decided to begin with details then bring them togather to build the entire image. So there is a detail work for the Old man’s portrait. Here it is.


I thank you [color=Yellow]notec… :wavey:[/color]


Hey mate, this is amazing! I’m also glad for see you again in the challenge entries. :bounce: Excellent work! :drool:


hey bro… I admire how hard you work. I guess I must learn this from you… :slight_smile:
thnx, seeya.


I am liking your stuff a lot (looking at your portfolio). You have your own imagination and it is wonderful.


Hi Akahraman.
Very good concepts. Old mans face looks really amazing.
Good job. Keep it up.


Amazing, i love your drawing. Creatures are excellent, and the oldman portrait is great too, looks like a photo almost.




I like your style and your character:)

Uplift Universe


Hey [color=Yellow]JoPu, DaVee, Ataulfo [color=Orange]and John Keates[/color].
Thanks for your sharing people. I’m glad to hear that you like the image evolving.
And john, it’s nice to hear those words about my works.
I greet you all [/color]:buttrock:


A shame that i haven’t seen this thread before. You have a great concept and put it in the “paper” with great talent. I love the book idea. I’ll back here to see your progress.


Thanks [color=White]decosouza, it’s normal this entry didn’t get your attention before. Because I can not work on it so often. But i wish to begin work on it so hard after a few days. Glad to hear your comment. See you around. [/color]:wavey:


Really nice work. I like it. It has that Norman Rockwell feel to it :slight_smile:


your wip looks awsome.
reminds me of norman rockwell.
keep it going!


I pulled out a lot of mine as I have been working on my picture. It seems you are right on track there.


Yeah, Norman Rockwell topic has been touched several times in this thread as you both declared lately and you people right about that. I checked his works and i saw my style on this image looks very similar with him. Really glad to be compared with masters. Thanks for the interest. You make me inspire from him more. That’s good.

I didn’t want to post a comment nowadays because i still couldn’t post a new image. I’ll post a larger view in a few days or hours. I’m painting old man with his aliens and the table with meals. I’ll draw an human like alien on the right there sitting and looking back to him after that image… blah blah… words words… :wavey:


There are some details about the image I will upload now on the following submit.
I hope it helps to give an idea about the progress.


So there it is the larger view after a long time. You know i’m woking on the details and attaining the bigger picture step by step. I hardly had some time to paint the table, the oldman and two creatures.

I changed creatures again that I wanted to make them more unfamiliar or unidentified things to us. That’s not a good thing to change the concept designs all the time, i know that but this is a personal work and i also didn’t have too much time to work on the concept so clear. Anyway, i’m ok about the result. I hope you like it too.

My style is much sense of the classical art. I love brush works. So that causes to make my images similar to some classical artists as you mentioned. I’m not uncomfortable with this. I like it. Hmm, i guess that’s all to say for now. Thanks for watching.


Wonderful work! :arteest: Hey pal, I like your imagine and talent. Tea glass is amazing and black creature is too much cute :slight_smile: Incredible details! :drool: