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Latest Update: Final Image: The Old Man With His Pets - Final Image


So this is the early concept drawing to explain the idea.
–I imagine many things at the following days after i read the challenge subject and one day i suddenly dreamed an image about an old man sitting someplace like a small restaurant with some strange but cute creatures with him. Some people around this place, looking at him with a cheerful interest. I sense that he is a merchant and selling those pet aliens to the rich people.
– Story is established on future estimation for sure. However i’ll follow some kind of idea about how an old man’s anathomy is strange such as those creatures. =)… i think the image will have a nostalgic, old but futuristic atmosphere…
– I’ll upload more improved concept work soon. And will study for that creatures, not sure i’ll use those designs i did here. This is just about to tell the main idea actually…
– I welcome all challengers and wishing so much fun… cheers!!..


Today i worked on the composition and did this photoshop drawing to generate some mass value. I defined the place, figures and how those creatures will indwell around the old man. Also how people and old man will interact with them… I think this picture gives true idea about result.
– At my following submit, i wish to put some colour harmony on it.


Great sketches. Looks Norman Rockwellish.


drawings! yeah. looks great.


nice composition want to see more


I look forward to seeing color, but the tones and lines look great.

the black and white and clothing, make it look like a very old-fashioned future. …like how the future used to be. intersting idea, with lots of potential.


I like the way this is going Alperen. Has a lovely kind of old fashioned, ‘’‘Norman Rockwell’ feel (and he is one of my all time heroes). Looking forward to watching this progress.


Nickillus, Visualator, scala, KOryH, Kid Dynomite - [color=Silver]i thank you all for your interest and support…
[color=White]I checked out for the artist you pointed… I’m ashamed of myself that i wouldn’t know him, but thanks for suggestions, his paintings are GREAT and fascinating.

[color=LightBlue]I couldn’t find much time on coloring yet. I hope to do it soon and i also will have some changes on the concept. I want to change those creatures [/color][/color]to baby primate pets. They will look like more human and more alien :slight_smile: . Ahh, telling those things are balderdash without any work, i know that, but that’s all i can do at the moment… =)[/color]



Excellent sketch, look forward to seeing how this devlops. Good luck.


i managed some color assignement to guide me for the future painting. I’ll use it as a color palette and i will stick to this color form.

-I used a simple and quick way for that aim. In an empty layer, i applied some rough color which is shown at a02 square. Defined this as a base layer placed at the bottom and used some layer blend options on my black-white sketch that shown at a01 square. I used two blends which are ‘color dodge’ and ‘vivid light’. Actually this stage allows some different results as an experimental essay.

  • I flattened each layers and manipulated them with a %60 opacity value of the vivid light layer, %100 opacity value of the color light layer at the bottom. I put the black and white layer itself on top with some saturation, level and erasing works.

I tried to gain some mood and atmosphere by this color information.


So, this is the result image, larger.
Actually i didn’t start over the paint but this stage is important to have a quick idea about the color tones and atmosphere.


Thank you Bill, good luck yourself too…



great storytelling in your concept, and very good drawing!


love the style! im really enjoying the process here! long time dont see this type of work.


Thank you, glad you like it and hope you enjoy it when it’s done…
And chilombiano, u really motivated me…:smiley: thnks…


I finally decided those creature designs after some researches and wanted to reflect them by the way of not to break apart the subject. So in this image, we see concept drawings of the old man’s creatures he collected from some planets to sell.

This is his creature book taking some notes and make drawings about them. He find anthropoid like creatures or cute and domestic ones… Now he has those stuff, going everywhere with them to find some concerned customers.

He introduce those things like a product to sell. So i introduce them as; Pillow Head Monkey, Malar Ear Maki, Bird Sheep, Flat Head Baby and Vacuum Rat…

– Anyway, i’ll begin to work on the painting after this stage… I hope you like those endearing things because they need of your love… =D…


Really love your creature concepts, the pillow head monkey is so Cute! you have a nice style cant wait to see the finished peice!


This creature book is very good idea. I think, you can write explains next to aliens. Maybe old man can show his creatures for selling. Im grow inpatient for final image. I think, you don’t need luck. But i say anyhow good luck! :deal:


:bounce: I enjoy all of the sketchs, and the creatures are so cute.
can´t wait to see more from your entry.