UPGRADES : Something I did not know......


Er, is it just me or does anyone else feel a migraine coming on after reading this thread. Behold the ‘convenience’ of a module system in all its glory :smiley:
Still, I hope to be up there with you R9 owners one day, I seriously am already too used to the hotbox, I don’t like not having it, insane (is it customizable - say for eg I don’t need the spline editors on there?).
Oh, just on a minor sidenote, I couldn’t configure my graphire 2 side buttons to v, don’t suppose anyone else has been using the demo with a graphire 2?


Thanks for the answer mecha.

I’ll drop Maxon an email.



When I was originally shocked by the upgrade cost, this was why. I was planning on purchasing MOCCA and AR to go with my core; I have little interest in many of the others, and I realized that with this upgrade, if I had bought those 2 modules, I would have to pay more than XL or STUDIO users would!

However, when I thought about it a bit more, I decided I didn’t mind at all. Sure the price is a bit shocking, but in the next round of module updates, when everyone else is upset at the cost of updating TP, Net Render, PyroCluster and Dynamics, I won’t have to spend a penny (unless it’s a major upgrade, and I have to pay the “handling fee” or something).

Similarly, someone with the Core, TP, NetRender, PyroCluster, S&T, and Dynamics right now will only have to pay $295 to upgrade! (…taxes and handling fees not included…)

So, as Mecha said, I think a pricing problem with the modules is very present, but only psychologically. (Well… I’m still waiting to see the official US module upgrade prices.)



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