UPGRADES : Something I did not know......


Hey All,

Sorry to start ANOTHER thread, but just had an email conversation with Maxon UK and I have some news that some of you may or may not be aware of. I didnt know this…

If you own STUDIO 8 and that has BodyPaint 1, you will have to buy STUDIO R9 Upgrade, PLUS the BP1 to BP2 update. Why? Because BP2 was not part of the R9 update, only CORE, MOCCA and AR.

What does this mean?

Picture this! We all have R9 Studio, two months before R10 is announced Sketch & Toon and DYNAMICS are upgraded to V2. We do not upgrade because we own the Studio bundle and decide to wait for R10 bundle and get all the goodies together. R10 Bundle is released and “officially” has updated CORE, TP and PYRO. We would then have to buy R10 Studio PLUS Sketch & Toon and Dynamics Upgrades to have a true R10 Studio suite.

In short, BUNDLE owners will ONLY get what has been updated at the R.x announcement, nothing more!

Don’t know what to think of this. It makes sense, but really screws with the whole MODULAR thing and I think sparks the arguments over upgrade pricing! :shrug:



sorry, that was a misunderstanding that has been clarified meanwhile. There will be NO additional costs if you own R8 Studio Bundle with BP1 instead of BP2.
(Maxon QA)


Could you please clarify that statement? It seems that I am now officially confused. As a user with R8.5 STUDIO (with BP1 and no S&T) I am getting conflicting reports on what I am looking to pay to upgrade to the R9 studio bundle (with BP2 and S&T).

Also, still nothing for those of us that paid for the R8.5 update? I sure hope that changes or people will not buy point releases anymore I fear.


Yes, some clarification would be nice. Maybe you should really make this more prominent on your website as well, i.e give some examples of different upgrade scenarios.


OK, just heard back from Maxon UK. They messed up…BP1 would be upgraded to 2 for
no extra charge.

Admins, please delete this post, lock it, or whatever you guys do!



Hope I can clarify, but forgive me if it doesn’t. I just spoke to Maxon UK. Like Fretshredder I have R8.5 Studio with BP1 and no Sketch & Toon. They confirmed that if I upgrade to R9 Studio for £599, I automatically get BP 2 and S&T. Nice bonus but still quite a steep upgrade cost. Have to think about this one - I’ve also got MB 6 upgrade and XSI Foundation to think about (not as replacements, purely additional tools).


Really? Hmm if MaxonUS agrees with this pricing then I have no problem paying that to update EVERYTHING from 8.5 studio to 9 studio! Then I can stop bitching :slight_smile: Thanks for the update…time to call Rafi methinks


If you have the R8 Studio Bundle without S&T and with BP 1 or 2 you will have to pay $895
If you have the R8 Studio Bundle with S&T and with BP 1 or 2 you will have to pay $595
Which BP release you have makes no difference.

Hope this helps


Yes this helps. However, still no break for those of us that purchased R8.5? And if so why?


Sorry, i don’t know. I’m just a tech guy and not intimate to marketing and sales.


hi srek,

now that is a very fair upgrade price in my opinion. now if only this was on the website so people could find this out!

i’ll get my credit card ready… oh, but can i still keep my BP standalone? (good for maya an other app use - as the standalone was intended) do i need to upgrade that separate or will the BP2 serial that activated the module in the Studio Bundle activate it as a standalone too? (it should from my perspective)



Hehehe we know, but as the lone Maxon rep online we gotta slam you with all the questions :)…I intend to talk to Rafi asap

Cheers though


They’re all online. Srek’s the only one talking though. It’s like the monster with 20 heads and only one mouth :wink:


BP Stand Alone will need a different serial, but you don’t need BP Standalone. CINEMA with BP installed works just like BP regarding max, Maya and LW. Switch to the BP layout and there is no difference (beside the differently named executable).


Ok, this is just a bit irritating. From what I’m reading, it looks like I don’t get any break for having ALREADY updated to 8.5 and BP2 (and S&T). I will pay the same price as someone that has 8.2 and BP1?

Oh - And what about Shave? Does the latest and greatest work with R9?




sorry to go totally off topic - but i wanted to email you and could not find your email anywhere.

please email me at

joe(insert at sign)sketchbookdesign.com



OK! Here´s a question. I purshased XL R8 and upgraded to 8.5. Purshased Dynamics and BodyPaint R1. Upgraded BodyPaint R1 to R2 and later Sketch and Toon. Do I qualify as a Studio owner or just as and XL owner with some extra modules reagarding the upgrade to R9?



yeah i do know that part - but if i in the future go maya only i will want my standalone BP2 to go with it. can’t keep paying the large studio upgrade cost just for the BP part. although with the strides c4d is taking (besides in the information dept ; ) i may be going c4d only…

i guess i may just upgrade both separately then…



Srek posted somewhere that Shave was tested and worked–
as for registration,
when I ordered the Maxon lady told me to call them next monday, until then they should have information on how the procedure will be, since the serials would come from Joe Alter inc. via UK----



Hey Casper,

As far as my converstaions with Maxon UK tell me, you have to own ALL the Studio modules to be classed as a Studio owner. That means you are going to have to buy Net Render Module, and yes you are just an XL owner with some extra modules. Mention this to the guys at Maxon and they may help you out with a Net Render + Studio Upgrade!

The way I see it, the XL and STUDIO bundles are great for first time buyers. It is pointless upgrading later as the current R8.x XL to R9 Studio upgrade is £1199 and would not update any of your extra modules!

Its the staggered modular updates that do it! If R9 Studio revised all modules at the same time nobody would be complaining. In fact, it is almost worth Maxon sticking Clothilde into Dynamics and calling it Dynamics V2. Psycologically, this would probably play better in peoples minds - and hey presto, XL to Studio upgraders by the hundreds.

Then again what do I know…:shrug: