Upgrade Poll


Just a poll to see how people feel about the upgrade pricing.


Unless I have missed something (and I have looked) - pricing has only been officially announced in Germany, and any other references to US pricing has just been vague and contradictory posts from users (so it is rather hard to decide at this point).

If this is a German users only poll, then I guess that it fine though.

Also, would anybody really decide to drop their main 3D app over a couple hundred bucks? That seems crazy to me. Yes, I hope the price is reasonable - but I make alot of money with Cinema, so a $700 upgrade over a $500 upgrade will take me just a few extra days to make it pay for itself, so having to pay this every 12-18 months really doesn’t even register in the big scheme of cost of ownership versus profit. Switching to a new app to avoid paying the extra $200 would costs thousands in the big picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope they don’t abuse us with upgrade pricing, and I am astounded that they have not announced or posted US pricing - but I can almost say for sure I’ll upgrade.


(probably) Not fair for current users, but I’d have to buy anyway, because buying and learning another app is out of the question… :sad:


Definitely in a wait-n-see mode until maxon US releases prices AND I get a chance to talk to Rafi. Really not liking the idea of my R8.5 upgrade fee going out the window without consideration, and the possibility of my upgrade price being almost as much as my entry fee less than a year ago (talking studio bundle) without BP2 or S&T. :eek:

I like to give the benefit of the doubt and wait for something (anything) official :deal:


Although I think the upgrade is quite expensive I don’t feel screwed by MAXON. With some other softwarecompanies I’ve experienced a lot worse upgradepolicy. So yes, I don’t like the high pricing and the non-existant 8.5 upgrade, but I buy nevertheless because it’s a great upgrade wich will pay for itself soon enough!



Except for those of us who use C4D at some level of hobby-ism. The rumors of upgrade prices as it stands makes it difficult for us to “buy nevertheless” because it won’t really “pay for itself soon enough” …cause it’s just a hobby :slight_smile:


I do feel for those “hobbyist” amoungst us, but Maxon can’t succeed by structuring it’s pricing to keep hobyists happy - business is business.

If you are a hobbyist, then you should be using a hobbyist 3d app - it is a little frustrating when people scream for pro features and then scream about pro pricing.


Well said. Same here. I really want Clothilde but I am waiting if they offer somer 8.5 update…


Or those who use it in business as part of their work but not maybe their main one. Money is money, hobbyist or not. Didn’t Cinema have it’s roots with the hobbyist element back in the early days on Amigas, who helped it to grow.

Lets not forget for bigger businesses we are talking multi licence upgrades so that going to hurt for them I’d imagine.

My opinion - as it stands the programs good, the “improvements” or new features, which lets face it had to be their to create a new release number not a point upgrade, are considered by some a mixture of catch up with other programs, intergrating some already available third party style plug ins (not a new idea from Maxon, and from what I gather upset a few people), and some good additions may seem like good value but the pricing structure is crap.


i’m missing the ‘not too happy about it but will upgrade anyway as i’m aware that the development of those features has cost a lot of money’-option :wink:


The poll doesn’t make sense–there’s no option for old users to say they’re going to upgrade.


Your right AdamT,

I would change it but it wont let me. So if a mod want to delete it thats fine with me.


no pricing yet here in OZ, but I did a very rough calculation based on the UK pricing.
I’ve got 8.5 core, AR, BP2 and Mocca-the UK price for this to upgrade would be 567 pounds,(BP2 doesn’t cost) and a quick currency conversion equates to a staggering $1446 aud…gasp!
surely it won’t be this much, but if it is, I don’t think it’s worth it. I think Maxon is crazy-
this new update is a sensation, it will sell like hotcakes to new users I imagine…but I don’t think they’re looking after their extremely loyal user base, who have put up with it’s shortcomings for a long time-hoping for an upgrade like this…which is now potentially unaffordable! oh the irony of it all!
very tempted to just buy mesh surgery and make do with what I’ve got!


i think i said enough about this on other threads.
i’ll wait and see what happens when the storm dies down a bit…i’m happy about the release and disappointed about pricing…i’d say that was a mixed reaction at the end of the day.:shrug:
but this choice doesn’t mean i will buy it so maxon don’t need to reconsider there pricing…its means i’ll wait and see how maxon react to a currently unhappy userbase for now then decide on where i will go…such a shame…such a shame…it never needed to be like this…maxon has such excellent customer goodwill and made a mistake on this part…:smiley:


The german price is about 1070$ in dollars for the studiobundle and i compared that to some other applications.

C4D 1070$
MAYA 899$
MAX 1000$
LW 595$

cheers Rickard


The same at me. I think I’ll wait for christmas. Maybe Santa Claus brings a new offer. :wink:


Flingster you are wise beyond your years and I will follow your lead on this one :slight_smile:
Nice upgrade, pricing structure rattled me, so I had to say my piece.
I’d love the upgrade but will have to wait and see.


Your German price for update does not correspond with what I have to pay (ordered yesterday).
I am upgrading from Studio + Sketch & paid Eur 649,-
The upgrade prices, though not cheap are within expected parameters.
in XL 6 times an upgrade to XL 7 + net-render was no cheaper.
And not everybody needs Studio.
German update prices are here:


Yes l must say that being one of those poeple who has the XL bundle as well as BP2,SH 2.5 and updated from 8.2 to 8.5 as soon as it came out, and l find the customer relationship and rewarding customer loyalty is being over looked by not having a price difference between 8.2 and 8.5 upgrades to R9. To me it doesn’t seem to be unreasonable to expect that there should be a price difference depending on what your upgrading from ie. 8.2 & 8.5.

C4D is a good quality product and the first thing in selling a product is it’s quality, second customer service and loyalty and regarding the competition in the 3D market and the special offers all the other competitors make to have poeple jump ship because there not happy with the product or the company that they are currently with l do think that Maxon should revise there current & future upgrade price stuctures to be inline with the loyalty that there current and future customers show.

“Treat others as you like to be treated”

Chad P.


agree, 8.5 is not considered as single part (but if you bought Sketch its is)