upgrade from 8.2 to 8.5 or core R9 ?


I’d like y’alls opinion on this. I have 8.2 and wonder which is worth more bang for buck … upgrading to 8.5 for $150.00 or R9 ?


well obviously rel 9, else you pay 150 for 8.5 then another 450 for rel 9 on top of that.


you dont seriously want R8.5 now that 9 is out— do you?


I would agree with this statement…mostly. If your money situation allows it you would be much better off to go straight to R9. At this point Maxon is not reqarding those of us that paid for R8.5 as we try to upgrade to R9. So as was pointed out you would have to pay 150 for R8.5 then 450 on top of that for R9.

However, if you can only afford R8.5 it may be worth considering that. Everyone’s situation is a little different


basicly what I am asking is the cost vs new/improved tools.

what is in the core R9 (not XL/Studio packages) that isn’t in R8.5 that makes it worth the extra $$ ? vs going from 8.2 to 8.5 ?


That’s a good question…but you’ll get as many answers as there are C4D users since different things are important to different users. R9 core will give you the improved modeling tools. But if you already own MeshSurgery (which has R9’s new tools and then some) you won’t be missing anything. You also have the new interface elements like the HUD and improved workflows and mouse menus. I’m guessing the G5 optimizations are part of the core…but if you don’t own a Mac then that doesn’t help you. For me personally that is not worth $500. The most compelling reason to upgrade for me would be Sub-poly displacement and then the improved SoftIK…but both of those are part of the add-on modules and you aren’t considering that.


ngons, new viewport modes, general manager, tearable menus, HUD, new modeling tools, iso editing, deform editing, etc,etc… + all the additions you got in 8.5.


You can download the R9 demo from Maxon site. You look at it yourself, its very impressive


If you’ve read the other threads you’ll see I’ve been pretty vocal in my opinion of the upgrade price but even with my opinions I can see no logic in upgrading to 8.5 then to 9 etc later.

But then again if money is a problem perhaps you should look closely at 8.2 and stick with it if it does what you want or need. After all when that came out, not so long ago, it was the dogs whatsits, was it not.

If I was in your position, wanting to upgrade, but can’t afford the release 9 now why not wait a while till you can, it won’t disappear and in the meantime tut’s and posting on the forums will become more plentiful and help you in your step up.

all the best



regarding MS, that is not exactly true. There are a overlaps, and MS offers better soft selections and Mesh Brush capabilities than the Early Bird demo does. But v9 offers Ngons, mush improved Beveling ( multiple point…), welding, Stitching, Hole caping ( this one is Really Nice) Plane Cutting( + knive slice) etc. etc…

Uncle Bob (…) If you upgrade, I would say go with 9. There are som many new features making it woth the extra money, no matter what you use C4d for.


Thanks for the replys. I’ll go ahead with the R9 upgrade. I’ve been playing around with the demo and like the work flow, as having used Cinema for about a year I’m not totally entrenched with the R8 work flow so the transistion won’t be that severe. I like the new and the improved tool sets.

thanks again for the input,


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