Upgrade cost


If I’m correct, no changes have been made to Shave, Pyro, Bodypaint2, Net render, Dynamics and TP. (correct me if I’m wrong)
Patches that are needed for those will be either for free for a short while, or/and available for one small patch fee.

If you already own modules that are specific for either XL or Studio, you can either upgrade those separately or ask for a price for your personal situation.


£75 to be precise :slight_smile: I can’t run the same license on my Mac laptop AND PC desktop, so I’ll have to get either a new Mac Desktop (which to be fair I want to anyway when I can afford it) or new PC laptop to be able to take advantage of working on the move and synching C4D projects between the two…hmmmmmm


I know, but can’t remember, but does that include VAT and shipping ?


According to the most recent price list we got from Maxon: yes.


Without VAT, the suggested enduser price would be around €258 for CrD R8.5 to R9. Advanced Render 2 as a separate module costs around €404 (suggested enduser price, no VAT). Oh yes, this is also without shipment costs. Again, this may be different from country to country, but I don’t think it will be hundreds of euro’s. Erik: if you’re in the Benelux (your name sounds Dutch) and you need a quote, just let me know (bart@designexpress.be).



Why is there no pricelist in Euro’s available. Maxon Germany is still showing 8.5 upgrade prices. I have 8.5 XL and BP2 Any idea what my upgrade would cost?



Mocca 2 is “a bit” more than only clothilde. Actually clothilde is more like the icing on the cake. Take a look at the thread over at C4D portal:


Just got off the phone to Maxon US. The price to upgrade from 8.2 XL to 9XL is $595.00. The educational version is $295.00 for XL. … thats all I asked about.


cheers brammelo…doesn’t seem right/fair…but hey thats life i guess.
i wasn’t expecting big differences…but you’d think some middle ground could be reached…for those loyal and willing to keep up to date and made the move to 8.5…after all some of that money spent on it went into paying for 9 at the end of the day…heh heh.


I’m still confused… on the Maxon web site I see:
CINEMA 4D R8 PC* $595*
CINEMA 4D R8 Mac* $595*

So how can the purchase price and the upgrade price be exactly the same? What am I missing? Must be missing something. In my universe, upgrade pricing (by definition, for existing customers) is 25% to 50% of the price for a new user’s purchase. Otherwise, we might as well buy new licenses with each new release. So I must be missing something.

Going by that formula however, the upgrade from R8 to R9 should be $150. to $300., maybe $349. at the very most. And people who shelled out for 8.5 should get $75. off (which is not me, BTW).

Well, my own situation is upgrading from XL Bundle R8 to XL Bundle R9. Haven’t yet heard what that will be. I’m afraid to hear what it will be.


they may be good at cutting deals but that is no way to run a company - you just end up upsetting others who didn’t know or get the deal - they really need to get the upgrade prices together - i just want to know the price without lots of guesswork and what-if’s

it is true that the market has changed even more this year then the past two - maxon is really more expensive then XSI and maya complete now and a tossup between what has “more” value.

i just need a simple price. the module thing is getting crazy.



I just ordered my upgrade from 8 to 8.5 and the advanced renderer module last week for about £400. It’s still in the mail. And now it looks like I’ll have to spend £300 again to get it updated to R9. Ouch that hurts. :frowning:


^^^what Dan said… it’s all too confusing and crazy-logic. Maxon, please don’t squeeze us. Heck I’ve been around since R5… it’s starting to feel like a -hefty- yearly subscription. (Yes I know it’s more than 12 months between major releases.)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product, and R9 is a fine upgrade and with a G5 coming, looks even better to me. But I want to see reasonable pricing with a logical and simple structure.

Even Adobe offers good deals to existing users and they certainly have a captive audience if anyone does.


Has anyone else noticed that Maxon seems to like making a habit of not telling anyone what their price structure is going to be?

Even Adobe offers good deals to existing users and they certainly have a captive audience if anyone does.

True… Adobe’s upgrade prices are quite generous. I guess it makes up for the fact that most of their products are still riding on a codebase older than LightWave :wink:

Whe else does Photoslop eat more memory than Cinema at launch? That’s before opening any files. :confused:


Agreed. I was just making an observation.


I’m assuming this upgrade doesn’t include Sketch & Toon at all, right? Damn, I’m really excited about all the new features in R9, but this is getting to be an expensive upgrade, especially if I want Sketch & Toon.

…does not compute…must get new clients/jobs to afford upgrades including S&T…but lately clients want S&T type renderings in order to get jobs…does not compute…argh!


Seems to me that Maxon have really shot themselves in the foot.
First they announce a really great upgrade then proceed to ruin it by charging ridiculous amounts to upgrade.
I’m gonna mail them but looking at the prices on the UK site there is no way I will be upgrading.
I just can’t understand what there thinking is when other prices in the market seem to be dropping!
Right now Maxon are on the way to losing a customer, way to go Maxon!


I agree entirely, and as others have written, whilst its good for the individual to “cut a deal” it’s no way to run a business and keep customers loyal.

I was going to buy some additional modules such as S&T but if it means these high prices and the modules need upgrading each time the core program is upgraded to work, I’m seriously thinking I’ve made a mistake and will look elsewhere.

A great upgrade, with lots of hard work done by the programmers, testers etc. cocked up by the accountants/sales/marketing or whoever is responsible for working out the upgrade pricing policy.


I’m in the same position. I was planning on purchasing MOCCA and S&T next month, with AR soon to follow. As it stands, I’ll only update my core program. The core is impressive enough to keep me interested for the time being, but when I’m ready to drop large amounts of money I’ll be looking much more seriously at the cost of keeping my software updated. Or, more likely, I’ll just stick with the core.


It’s ironic really, when R8 came out and Maxon changed to a modular format everyone congratulated them on a good idea. It seems to have come back to bite both them and us now. :sad: