Upgrade cost


Fair comment flingster :slight_smile: However, if Maxon need a hand with pricing policies I could sort it out for them in a jiffy, those who buy a bundle from the off should have upgrade advantages on all the modules in that bundle so that it is always treated as a single app, those who choose to buy modules separately should just either continue to pay full price for the modules as they upgrade, or choose to upgrade to a bundle and from their onwards be treated as a bundle owner. Its not rocket science, its fair and its simple :slight_smile:
If this is what they already do then what can I say, but the point is that it has never really had much clarity.
As I said I’m not suggesting R9 isn’t worth the money, it does look awesome - its just that £400 is a big amount to pay out on any upgrade by anyone’s standards no matter how good the software is - and at the moment its looking more likely the reason for this is the modular system…I bet I would’nt be writing this if shelling out £400 wasn’t such an issue :wink:


Here’s my own case… see if anyone has any insights into this:

I have R8.5 - no modules.
I want to upgrade to R9 with Mocca (and maybe AR depending on the price).

I recently started studying again and so I probably qualify for the educational discount.

Here’s my question.

Should I simply upgrade 8.5 to 9 and purchase the modules at reg. price?
Can I pay the upgrade 8.5 to 9 and pruchase AR & MOCCA at educational prices?
Is it cheaper to simply forget about what I have and purchase R9 with AR & MOCCA with academic pricing?

Maybe one of you has seen academic discount listings somewhere.



Srek posted somewhere that there would be a small handling fee only for upgrading the modules that haven’t been updated, and that it would be one fee for all modules (i.e., you pay only once no matter how many modules). He did say that this was for Germany and Europe, so it could be different elsewhere.


Ok - I have communicated with perry Stacy at Maxon UK, and for my situation, it will cost £409 to upgrade. This is for an upgrade from 8.5XL with BP2 and S&T to 9XL with the versions of both the added modules updated to work with 9 also. I don’t thinbk from what he said, that this is a particularly ‘tailored’ price, as the only thing bought recently was S&T, and that was still a few months back.

He also said though that prices will be updated on the website this evening, so it should all be clearer then I think.

I also asked about printed manuals, and apparently there will be less of these as they are producing more video tutorial stuff, although printed materials will be available at a later date.


Sorry to further add to the rumor mill, but I thougt I just post these figures I got from Maxon sales in Germany.

I have C4D R8.5 (core app), AR, BP2 and S&T and this is what it would cost me according to them;

R8 to R9 (not from R8.5!!!) = 257,76 Euro net

AR upgrade = 171,55 Euro net

BP2 and S&T “adaptation” is free untill the end of November

Knowing how much tax the .gov in Sweden likes to add, Im probably looking at a ~600 Euro upgrade cost, and I won’t even be able to use the cloth stuff!

…guess Im not seeing R9 ANY time soon =(


Peter, is Sweden now part of the EU or not? If so, you can buy from Maxonshop online also as goods can be bought anywhere in the EU. You do will have to pay the 17% VAT (MwSt) for Germany and transport.

Let’s cool a bit down! I came from Art7 and paid some 750 Euro to get to Core8.5 plus AR.

Once we know the prices from the Maxon sites, we can start moaning. But it’s a bit early, no? And when it is too expensive, they won’t sell. That’s what I find so disgustingly shocking from XSI. They simply try to kill the other companies in a way which is forbidden here.

I am hoping to pay less than 500Euro, incl. 17% VAT and transport for upgr8.5 to 9 Core plus AR, simply because the upgrade is less important than the one from Art (no anim, nothing) to Core+AR. And get Mocca later on. But I don’t fix a price. If it’s more, I’ll have to think it over. As for plugins: Srek is right that we support the developers, but every budget has its limits. Unfortunately.


Sweden is a part of EU and was even so when I bought R8 SB. I tried ordering from England ( I think it was)at the time but it wasn´t possible. I was redirected to the Swedish distrobutor and had to pay a slightly higher price. About €150 I think. Talking to the swedish distrobutor I was told (basically): “You must buy from us.”
At the time I thought, well you should allways support your local dealer, getting better support etc.
And I was a little in a hurry as well. Now, the support not being bad, but definitely nothing to write home about, I will definetly check the price and buy within EU where it is cheapest. Not saying it might as well be Sweden taking postings in account. The tax is of no concern since it is deductable within my company.



Hi Lennart,

Having to buy through the Swedish distributor is also what I thought you had to do, and the cost always increase. When I bought BP R1 I had to shell out 7500 Skr which is roughly 789 Euro! …makes you really wonder how expensive packaging is within Sweden!?!

Please let me know if you find a good alternative for us Swedes!




UK Prices for R9 are online:


Seem OK, but they will not suit all of us!

Personally I would love to upgrade to Studio, but I already own S&T and BP1 so the £1199 price tag for XL8.5 to R9 STudio is way to high!

As it stands, I will be getting XL8.5 to XL9 for £409 and upgrading BP1 to BP2 for £229, making a total upgrade cost of £638.



I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but Maxon USA is good about cutting deals when you are buying several modules. Worth a phone call anyway.


I have to say that I’m a little disappointed to see no allowance at all for a previous 8.5 upgrade, especially since it hasn’t been in my grubby hands for all that long. The price of the base module plus Mocca and AR does come out to more than the £409 bundle for XL, but even so a little concession would be nice. Maybe a phone call…


Well, it is not the gut feeling I have, refering to have spoken with them before…
But then again, the price difference in this case might not be worth hassling with.



I just got off the phone and this is the deal as far as educational you can not upgrade a educational license you just buy it again and the XL is $249 and the studio is $649


Well, frankly we can buy anything we want from anywhere in the world. Money talks.
I just think the EU-thing haven´t sunk in to everybodies minds yet,
a.k.a “Policy”…



Core plus AR upgrade, Vat incl, is £338 or some 500Euro.
Which was exactly my guess.
Mocca new is /was £289, or some 435Euro…a bit much for only Clothilde

otoh, and this is one big mistake fromMaxon UK:

from 8 core to XL9: £1049
from Art to XL9: £999

from 8 core to Studio 9: £1899
from Art to Studio 9: £1549

So I can better upgrade from my old Art licence, can’t I?
saves me 50 or 350 quid.


I’ve just looked at the UK site and I think the details have changed since this morning!! When I looked it said anybody buying 8.5 will get a free upgrade to 9 upon release.

The quoted upgrade from 8 to 8.5 was £99. So I figured buying the upgrade to 8.5 from 8.1 would get me to 9.

Ah, no such luck. So it’s going to cost me nearly twice that to upgrade the basic module, nearly half what I paid for version 8.1 - I don’t like it, way too much in the context of the price I paid for 8.1 just under a year ago. I don’t think the improvements make the program 50% greater than the sum of its parts originally.

As for those that forked out for the upgrade from 8.1 to 8.5 you’re getting an even bigger crap deal - going to cost you the same as me upgrading from 8.1. Come on Maxon wake up, I don’t care what features you’ve packed in this time nearly half the original price for the upgrade from one level to the next is too much or else you charged to much for people to upgrade from 8.1 to 8.5 for the amount of additions and changes made their.

In the light of other manufacturers reducing prices recently you are going to shoot yourself in the foot with this kind of pricing policy.

It does not make sense to me !!!

And then you’ll want to charge me another £100 if I say I want to change from Windows to Mac version no doubt !!


as far as my addled brain remembers art actually came with radiosity so in effect you ‘already’ have the AR module whereas base 8 does not have any fancy rendering built in. i think this accounts for some discrepency between the pricing of the packages.

oh, and mocca 2 has had lots of work done to it so you are not ‘just’ getting clothilde.

cheers, simon w.


Don’t mean to get picky, but the lack of GI in R8 core vs Art could be outweighted by the animation capabillity.

Just a thought :slight_smile:


Well, I have been using and enjoying 8.5 since I bought it, and money spent is money spent.
When I upgrade to 9, I will still have 8.5 and plugins that work in it. Seen the fact that 9 and 8.5 are fully compatible (except for what’s been added in 9), I don’t need new versions of plugins I’ll have to pay for. I also don’t need Silo anymore.
And I don’t want to spend months and months watching videos and trying to learn another app that may have a bigger reputation, but also a much steepr learning-curve. No deal. Those months can be spent in funnier and more exciting ways.

I know how you feel though: I fell out of the boat for my Photoshop upgrade by some two weeks. Bummer, but meanwhile life goes on…

Simon:true, but it does strike me as odd that upgrading from an older version would be cheaper than from the latest one. (I do have AR as I upgraded from Art to core plus AR)

Nahh…I’ll have to ask them to make me an offer as I’m a bit of a (cough) special case.


OK all this talk is making me confused.

Is there a price to upgrade from C4D 8.5XL to 9.0XL and I also have BP2 (dont know if I have to upgrade BP2) Plus Dynamics.

I belive that the XL comes with:
Advanced Render
Thinking Particles
NET Render

I have BP2, Dynamics and the latest shave, I dont know what needs to be updated and how much it will cost for people in the US.

Anyone have any info on this stuff? I’m a bit uneasy about the pricing if it costs to much then I may have to look at XSI.