Upgrade cost


For those, like me, who just purchased Storm Tracer…


I currently have R8.5 Studio w/o S&T and BP1 (!!) … to update to R9 WITH S&T and BP2 I’m looking at some sticker shock aren’t I?

I just upgraded to 8.5 RIGHT before the deadline :frowning:

The thought of spending 1/3 - 2/3 of what I originally paid makes me feel a little ill atm. I want all those new features but damn. Gonna have to get in touch with Rafi and see what the scoop is on that.


I hope your right! Wouldnt make sense to me either. Someone posted an ~800 E figure above so I became a bit alarmed.


First off, the work Paul and Per do is invaluble to Cinema. Without MS, you can pretty much guanantee no modelling tools updates in R9 and life without MS so far is unthinkable!

My gripe is a very personal one…here we go!

Step 1. I purchased MS earlybird.
Step 2. I then needed to change platform from PC to MAC, which Paul and Per wont do so I buy MS AGAIN on Mac for 149 euro. (and Stormtracer :slight_smile: )
Step 3. My new Mac is delayed by 3 weeks, so no MS and no ST (still unused!)
Step 4. R9 announced, no real need for MS as I dont use the extra tools in MS only.
Step 5. Even if I keep MS, I have to upgrade it for R9!

Result : One unhappy camper - Not at Paul and Per, just my situation I guess! Plus, I cant even sell my seats of MS (if I wanted too) as they are locked to my C4D serial. Wonderful!!!

Still, it could be worse…Maxon could introduce “Maxon Maintenance” a la Maya! :shrug:



Maxon really is dropping the ball when it comes to treating their existing customers fairly IMO - I guess no worse than any other company but I expect more from them frankly! Well hopefully they’ll give us poor folks a deal! I bought 8.5 not that long ago, but sitll have BP1 - if it’s going to cost big $$ then I think this is where my Maxon patronage ends - because basically i’ll end up being “version locked” forever - once you slip behind a bit you can never catch up again!


I’d like to upgrade to get the new features (including G5 optimization) but will have to wait if the pricing is too high. Seems to me the module system has us users over a barrel. I’d recommend to Maxon that they have a reasonable upgrade for the core/basic and a SMALL add’l fee to upgrade all modules that ANY user owns (no matter how many – 1 or all). Just something to cover Maxon’s costs, but not really profit from module upgrades.

Maybe that’s already their philosophy, I don’t know. I find it all a bit confusing…


The truth is that if they don’t make any money they won’t have any customers because they’ll be out of business. In the past Maxon’s upgrade pricing has been competitive in the industry, so you won’t do any better switching to another company. Anyone seen SI’s subscription cost for the $475 Foundation version? I haven’t.


that would have been me…

well, that’s what maxon germany told me (899 €) on the phone. but in the end it’s not an update for ONE module, but for the core-version AND every available module AND S&T

… i just hope, i will be able to convince the boss that we need it…


I just upgraded to 8.5 RIGHT before the deadline :frowning:

According to the guy I spoke with the deadline grace period only applies if you buy 8.5 from scratch, an upgrade from earlier versions does not count.


The only thing Maxon has proven themselves to be consistently bad at is informing the customer base of the upgrade costs. They ended up being reasonable, but there has always been quite a bit of confusion about what they would be ever since they went with the modular approach.


lovely. Well as great as this update sounds I am not sure I can justify paying almost 2/3 of what I paid originally for an update, and that makes me sad :frowning:

It does have that feel like existing customers aren’t catching ANY break here…

But, it’s true that if you slip behind in updates it’s hard to catch up… Im feeling it


How can the upgrade from 8.5 to 9 be 550 you might as well buy the 8.5 upgrade at 149 and get 9 for free that doesnt make sense I think 550 includes bodypaint 2 or someting I will cry if it is that much it should only be 200 tops for the basic module


I agree! hopefully we’re all just panicking and will wake up tomorrow with the news that Maxon will make it quite affordable for existing users to upgrade their various combinations, realising ,in hindsight, that lots of these new features in R9 should have been there long ago for the price we’ve been paying!


There is no maint cost for Foundation. You will just have to pay for the upgrade cost next version, like any other software. Since it is $495, I can’t imagine it will be any higher than that. I got this info from a reseller.

As for C4D price issues, where are people getting the prices from? I haven’t heard from Rafi or seen anything official on Maxon’s site to argue about pricing yet.



True. I’m a follower :slight_smile: I’m sure Rafi will be taking A LOT of calls on the subject in the very near future. I need something official!


The quote for my upgrade was from 8XL to 9XL, so I’m presuming I was quoted on the basis that each module upgrade of the XL bundle costs a certain amount regardless of whether you already own the XL bundle - or maybe that is a discount price for those who already own an earlier XL bundle. If not its a bit shocking really as I always regarded the bundle I bought as a single app, thats why I bought the bundle and not just the core with 1 or 2 other modules :slight_smile: Ho hum, I’m sure it’ll wash out as they say, but I know one thing for sure, I don’t think I could afford to pay this every year, lets hope version 10 is not out until at least 2008 :scream:


Well, it’s been almost 2 years since they release v8, so odds are v10 won’t be due until around 2006, and 9.5 won’t cost as much as a full version upgrade :wink:


has anyone actually confirmed that there is a charge for the module upgrades other than those already included in the XL that is ie BodyPaint 2, S&T ??


maybe this is getting slightly out of hand as seems to have happened on the german forum…maybe we should hold off on speculation until we know officially…i realise some have had direct contact with maxon as to pricing so i’m not knocking anyone…just think if we expect maxon to be fair with us…then we also have to be fair with maxon.

pricing is pretty confusing at the best of times…but seems to have been further added to the confusion

i think maxon put a lot of work into developing R9 and would be a shame to knock some of the shine off that with a poorly thought out pricing policy…but hey we don’t really know whats happening at the moment.

can anyone confirm the upgrade cost for a 8.2 user is the same as an 8.5 user?

would it be possible for an official post on this from one of the maxon people?..i know it breaks with tradition on here…but seems a bit mad to let this boil over when there is not real need for it? thanks guys.


I agree with Flingster. I think we should cool down the rumour and speculation until we get the official pricing. If the the price is not too expensive then fine. If it’s over the top, then use your feet and walk.

By the way I heard Maxon are giving away C4D Studio 9 for free.