Upgrade cost


Is it more expensive because of taxes, or is the pre-tax price higher? Or both?


maxon shop:
£322 $595 (upgrade 8XL to 9 US Price…does not say including excluding tax)
£348 $641 (XL UK Price…excluding tax)
£409 $753 (XL UK Price…including tax)

+we 8.5 users in the UK also don’t seem to benefit from that $50 discount either.

what do you think adam…am i being fair? or am i missing something here?


No, it doesn’t seem fair to me. To be honest though the difference isn’t as bad as I thought. I think some of the EU countries (Switzerland?) have it even worse. But I haven’t a clue how the different regions arrive at their prices.


well if you take away the $50 for 8.5 also…there is quite a difference…but you are right that some of the europeans have it worse…can’t remember sweden probably…as they seem to have high tax rates…VAT in the uk is 17.5%

£295 pounds (US price converted if you take away the 8.5 difference).

so that makes the difference depending on what tax is on or isn’t on the US price.
£53 ($97) excluding taxes
£114 ($210) including taxes
sounds like alot to me…for the fact that i still get to choose the US English language module? heh heh…including color spelling heh heh…does it cost around 100-200 dollars more to produce this software for the uk…when programming it takes place in uk and germany by the looks of it.
dunno…maybe i’m just sceptical…and like a level playing field.



You’re going to beat yourself up about this I can see, but in the end will you get anywhere mate?

Is the US upgrade prices in line with a percentage of the cost of the package new in comparison to the UK ones. i.e. 30% of full program price.

You know as well as I do that there isn’t much we can do. Remember new car prices and people going abroad to buy them, and I’ve heard of people flying to America to buy an Apple Powerbook and still getting it cheaper than here, including flight cost !!

They, who ever they may be will quote the “strong” pound in the world money markets, the high operational costs and other stuff but short of you getting the magic green card its good old blighty for you I’m afraid.

At least we don’t have to pay huge health care bills and insurances etc. - well not yet anyway.

What’s a young man doing posting on the net on a Saturday night, you should be out trying to create a good model of a newt. It’s okay for us old gits with nothing better to do, but surely youre not that sad yet ;~)

You don’t seem to let the fact you have only 8.5 hold you back on your creativity, so go on get out, and have one for the old buggers while your there.


LOL…to much…i’ve been running this damn render and its messing with my head actually…hence me still banging away now…
going to take a break watch a dvd and have a beer i think…
you’re right…its one of lifes annoyances i guess…anyway lifes to short i guess…
in summary…imho…and maybe no one agrees but its my opinion…

1)the costs of upgrading to R9 are to to much
2)the cost of being a uk user is more expensive than being a us user

(flingster) X 1 X 2 = hacked off on a saturday night
not sure it would work as an xpresso function though…
i will hold off on upgrading to R9, unfortunately until maxon dream up a sales plan to win me back over…its been a mixed bag of a week.


You’re quite right about Sweden. Though, that’s a no-brainer - when it comes to taxes, we are always worse than everybody else :smiley: VAT here is 25% :eek: The main swedish Maxon distributor hasn’t put the prices online yet though, so I cannot report any numbers for comparison yet.


But as I’ve mentioned before, when you walk outside you’re not accosted by homeless people and whackos, you have universal health care, your streets are clean–I’m talking about Sweden, not the UK. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeap, that’s basically true. Sure we’ve got our fair share of wackos, but as long as I stay at home, the streets are safe for all :smiley:

But you’re right. The tax money do a lot of good, there’s no doubt about that.


A little OT. Compared to many countries we still have a pretty good life here. But we are both trying hard to let loose the marketforces -and- keep the very high taxes…
It is starting to ge a very fragile bubble that is going to blast. I think the generation before us ( born in the 40´s) is the last to accept this state. Homeless people is not uncommon.
Those who can afford have private medical insurances. We have very few graduated teachers. It is starting to pile up…



I guess that now Maxons products are now perceived as being ‘professional’ they feel thay can justifiably hitch the price up a bit. Don’t know if its been mentioned already, but looking at Maxon UK’s site the upgrade prices are all there. It seems if you own Vs8.0 XL or whatever, you don’t pay anymore than someone who paid the £100 odd to upgrade to Vs 8.5. In the US they are offering a $50 reduction to 8.5 owners. Having purchased the XL version yonks ago I was quite surprised to see the AR module priced at something over £300, £340, I think. Since I have quite a few modules I’ve never touched, I’d like to upgrade only to Vs9 core plus the AR module, but when you add it up its not any real saving. Best I stick to the XL bundle, even though I never use any modules other than AR, (not ever animating).


Switzerland is in another league :slight_smile: I’ve been lucky enough to visit and work there a few times and I must say it is pretty amazing, sure it is an expensive place to live, but this seems to be counterbalanced (for the most part) by a much higher average wage than in the UK so it all works itself out. I’m not saying its perfect, but every Swiss I ever met was a gem of a human being and generally had a pretty happy go lucky chilled out view on life and other people :slight_smile:
Not like us UK whiners hehe


well we are drifting slightly ot here…

its not really the issue of taxes in other countries…
its why we pay more than the US…
you see you could argue…in sweden or germany you need a language pack which takes time to program hence added expense (if maxon wanted to argue that is)…but in the UK we use the US english version anyways! so why the $100-200 hike in price?
why no concession in the UK or europe for 8.5?
why why why…head butt keyboard in frustration.

the money is annoying…ok you could argue its not alot of money and it isn’t…but i could argue…well if its not alot of money why should i have to pay it!!!

its a point of principle in reality and how a business treats its customers…in this case differently depending on what market they value the most…and that is not a very principled way of conducting business imo.



I know, sorry. Thing is, I’d love a real reason from Maxon UK as to why this is and how is it justifiable? If its a case that for eg, the boxed CDs for the UK have to be made in the UK which costs more to reproduce than in the US then yes I would see that for better or worse any kind of manufacturing costs might be higher here, but the justifications I have got are based on things that still don’t make sense; “each individual module costs so much, the XL price is £158 cheaper” - right, but why are both pricing scenarios still more expensive than their US equivalents? because they always get stuff cheaper. But why is that…
I dunno, guess I’m being naive but I can’t seem to make sense of marketing people (which of course is the whole point of marketing) :slight_smile:


My guess would be that Cinema4D is more well-know in Europe, so they don’t need to be as aggressive in terms of price?
That would be my only explanation, but it doesn’t take out the unfairness (<-is it correct?) of it all…


the upgrade for the XL bundle (8.5=>9) is 516,37$ in Switzerland + 7.5% VAT

total : 555.09$ (854.37 Swiss Francs almost a third of standard monthly income)

ps: @Boxy thank you for the comment on swiss people :smiley:


Sounds plausible. My guess is that British marketing people know the British too well - they don’t like to make a fuss even if they know they’re getting a raw deal.
Oh dear, beginning to sound slightly bitter - I’m not, I love the new upgrade and the first thing I’ll do when I have a spare £409 is upgrade to R9 (how very British!)


credit where credit’s due :smiley:


Add to the fact that there are not printed manuals with these upgrades - not sure about if you were to buy the package again from scratch!?, but they will be available later as an ‘additinal purchase’, so although your R8 manual will still be useful for many queries, with all the additional features of 8.5 and now 9, there is an awful lot you wont be able to read up on in paper form, unless you printed out several hundred pages from the pdf of course!.

I personally don’t like this move at all - sure pdf’s are useful for quick searches and can be flicked to whilst working on the puter, but hey, it’s nice to get away and into sunlight once in a while and read something that isn’t backlit!! - I think i’d feel happier if I knew my £409 included a paper manual, because you can bet it will be about £40-50 when it’s released separately. :confused:


l can’t really voice my opinion on the US and UK pricing as l don’t really understand the pound, but l will say that l’ll be annoyed if there is a similar discrepancy with Australia’s pricing but the biggest thing will be if the $50 allowance you get if you are upgrading from 8.5 in the U.S. is disregarded.

By the way the $50 allowance for U.S. should translate to about $70 Aust. l must say this is a load of BullS#@* with distributors basically saying we will charge what we can and hope we get away with it. l’m sorry but the head office of MAXON has to address this, if they want to be seen as a professional company then start acting like one instead of “Barry’s backyard business”. Even more so not having the same consession benefits ie - upgrading from 8.5 compared to 8.2.

I know that this may sound extreme, but if possible we as a community should try to buy from the one nation, ie - US, or whoever is the cheapest, and is willing to honour an allowance if you are an 8.5 owner. I don’t know how this could be done as most online stores will not ship to other countries, but this could be possible if people wanted to use someone else’s address within that country and then have them ship it to the actual buyer. I know that there is a lot of honesty needed for this to be plausible, but it is most likely the only way to either make local distributor’s wake up and/or to make MAXON head office take action.

Although, at the end of the day it seems MAXON may not care where products are purchased from, as long as they are selling units, and the bank balance is good.

It is up to us as consumers, to influence change, “united we stand - divided we fall”.

Chad P