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Well, it looks like I’ll continue to use 8.2 for quite some time - not because 595 euros for an XL upgrade would be unreasonable, but simply because I don’t have that kind of cash. I guess the fact that I’m still running a 466 MHz PC, and that the last car I bought (may it rest in peace) was a 15 years old Opel which I incidently paid about 595 euros for too, sort of illustrates where I’m coming from, financially speaking :smiley:

Some day I will upgrade too. The new R9 looks like a true masterpiece - unfortunately it will probably be up to R10 by the time I’ve got the necessary amount of cash stacked up… For the time being, I will simply dive deeper into the 8.2. There’s a lot of stuff I haven’t used and abused in it yet - and after that I can always do some COFFEE coding to get what I need. It’ll be fun :thumbsup:


well on a humorous note if you do have to wait for R10, at least you won’t have to worry about being slighted for having paid for R9.5, eh?



@ fretshredder: Indeed not :smiley: Just about anything can happen until then though o_O meep meep!


—heheh—but if you skip r9 (wich I could never ever because og MPD and Cloth—that will revolutionize my work I am 100% sure)
You also will not benefit from R9.1 0r R 9.2 ---- (least not until 10 comes out)

(I have no idea when or what that will be other than the rumor from siggraph with the booleans, but that sure sounds interestin to the max).

What I really do think is that this siggraph seems totallly focussed around money (See Max threads and how they complain about not enough bang-for the buck)—
Maxon seems the only major 3D company that delivers FEATURES to die for.
(something I only see with small companies this Sig: Silo comes to mind first(jeez— I might buy it just for the Poly-draw tool—).

I am really really happy that Cinema does have great arguments this time apart from price.
hell-- they practically worked my whole wish-list away (which was cloth, SPD, Motionmapping— only better timeline is left, but I have the strong feeling this will not be forever :wink:

To be honest, I did not expect R9 this Sig but a new module (something like "Dynamics 2 " or so).
This is sooo much cooler.
Anyway, I placed my order yesterday, I simply need this.



I just got a call from Rafi. The US price to upgrade from 8.5XL to 9.0XL is $595 and they give $50 off if you order before Sep. 1. The RPC plug in is included.


That’s a nice perc if you’d use it. I think it’s going to go for $80 separately. RPC is awesome for arch viz stuff, but it is pricey. Again with the money!


I just started another thread about RPC. I am really wondering if this will work with 8.5. If it will I’m on it like a pirhana on a corn dog. Rafi didn’t know…


Ah, don’t get me wrong - it’s simply a case of not having any money at all… If I had the slightest chance, I’d buy it right away. With a bit of luck I can get a small freelance thing going later this year, and if it works out, I certainly know what to do with the first paycheck


don’t even get me started on that one assuming of course thats the case…
but suffice to say…costs have come down in this area for maxon…seems we saw the benefits of that!


Oooh and quick observation here for maxon to sit back on and deliberate on user opinion:

“16 pages and we are still wrong”!

and this is one forum…check treff out…if you want confirmation of feeling.
:sad: :shrug: :sad:


I’ve read post in both C4D, XSI and LW forum and there are endless debates about pricing and so on. I just don’t get point. About 500 Euros for a full update (if you already have sketch and toon) doesen’t seem that bad. You know I live in Hungary. This is a very poor country compared to yours and it’s still not the price of the software upgrade that counts. Those 500 Euros are more than the money I make in a month. But even for a one-person company it’s a quite cheap considering that you have to pay such amount only once in two years and that you’ll probably get 9.1 and 9.2 updates for free. That’s about 500 Euros/24 months =~ 20 Euros/month. Think of it as an investment. For this 20 Euros you’ll probably get hundreds. Or you’ll get more free time because of the easier modeling tools.
And think about other software users. What do they got for an update? LW 8 update? What’s that? Just a joke. Maya 6 update? Should have been Maya 5.1. Max 7 update? This could have been Max 6.1 too. Take a look around. Even C4D 8.1 update had much more new tools than any of these above.
Or you can think this way. You’ve invested 500 E in a tools that’s probably the future of 3D. You know what I’m talking about…Maya, Max and LW has no new pespectives, they don’t even know how to develop these apps. In fact, there is no real development.


I totally agree with you in this point. Not even just that , those companies try to make from tiny updates, huge monsters. I hate that really. Maxon should take care about its updates. it makes a lot of features in each update , but it do not list all the features implemented (even the tiny ones) and alwayze there are no enough tutorials. for example, this new version v9, their site did not mention all the features implemented? why?. Also, if you download the demo vesion, there are just 5 Scenes as examples , which obvously , is not enough to show all the features implemented in this amazing update. just cloth needs at least 10 scenes not just one.


From Postforum:

Subject:*R9 US Pricing
*Author:*Maxon US( —.cust.telepacific.net )
*Date:****08-13-04 19:44

We apologize for not having this information available before now, we are having some issues with the web shop and have been tied up with SIGGRAPH.

After all of the speculation and conjuncture here we thought it would be best to clarify a few issues.

Obviously we can not post EVERY price configuration here now, but we will try to cover some of them that have been discussed.


First of all the upgrade from XL 8 to XL 9 is $595. 8.5 users will receive a $50 discount.

The upgrade from R8 to R9 is $295.

The new Studio Bundle includes Sketch & Toon so an upgrade from SB V8 to SB V9 will be $895 ($595 for the V upgrade, $300 for Sketch). For those that already own Sketch, the SB upgrade will be $595.

All pricing information can be obtained by calling our US office @ 1-877-226-4628 Ext.5101. We do hope to have the web shop issues resolved early next week if you’d prefer to place your order that way.

  • MAXON US -


Good post there, Monty.

I’m sure the discount for 8.5 owners will make a lot of people happy now.


Just curious, does the $50 discount apply to 8.5 Core owners, as well? Or only the XL owners? I would assume the former, but you never know.


I think the $50 is for anyone that paid the $149 upgrade fee from 8.2 xxx to 8.5 xxx.


I don’t suppose you know whether UK and European pricing remains the same then do you? Are they planning on fixing it inline with the US…anybody know?


I don’t think its looking likely at the moment Flingster though don’t quote me, I asked Maxon UK why the price difference between US and UK and was told yes, the US always get things cheaper and if you add VAT on to that price it takes it to £383 anyway which is almost the same?? But at no point was the 8.5 issue addressed and at no point would they entertain the idea of allowing me to buy it for the kind of price the US are getting but they are very sorry I can’t upgrade at the moment. So am I.
Boxy :slight_smile:


this whole mess just hacks me off personally…
then add to it the usual story with companies pricing in britain… those outside of the uk will not really be familiar with the term “ripoff britain” but those in living here will know exactly what i mean…just another thing to add to why i’m not very happy about it.:cry: :banghead: :cry:


I agree, it is really frustrating, not that I’m blaming the guy who said this personally but that statement just about sums up this country, its a justification I’m just supposed to accept - Oh, you should know by now that we’re always going to charge you more as a UK resident, not because the product is more expensive to make or disribute I’m sure, just because you live in the UK :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
Anyone fancy sending me a “gift” from the land of the free :slight_smile: