Upgrade cost


FYI, I just found out its going to cost me £409 inc vat to upgrade from XL8 to XL9. Guess I won’t be getting my credit card out just yet then :slight_smile:


that sounds a lot…
i got 8.5 XL, BP2 and S&T…any idea what that cost me to upgrade?
did you call maxon uk?


I just got off the phone with Maxon UK, I need to go from XL8.5 to XL9 - plus BP1 to BP2!

They said they will get back to me tommorow! £409 seems worrying though. 3D market is not what it used to be, £409 can get you XSI nowadays…hmmmm! :eek:



So it’s probably ~$550 ( ~£300 ) from v8.5 . Well, I think Maxon deserve that, considering the vast features added to C4D 9.


yeah, seems to be a bit pricy… just got off the phone with maxon germany… the upgrade from 8.5 studio bundle (without sketch and toon) to 9 studo is going to cost € 899,- Ouch!!


I emailed Maxon UK.

It is worrying, not that I’m saying R9 isn’t worth it, but that’s a lot of money for a straight upgrade, I was kind of prepared for it to be around half that price which would have been manageable, but I’ll have to just accept that I won’t be buying R9 any time soon :sad:


No, its the same price apparently


is that including MwSt ???

still yeah doesn’t sound like it it is going to be a cheap upgrade :hmm:


I am a little worried about this…mainly for the fact it appears you have to upgrade every module as well!! -I’m anxiously waiting to hear from my supplier in OZ but he has no pricing through yet


sorry, forgot one thing…

8.5 studio without S&T -> 9 studio WITH S&T

don’t know if MwST is included…


OK I can understand that then, and although it a reasonable amount of money to fork out (naturally I’d be happier if it was a bit cheaper :smiley: ), wouldn’t say it is unfair though, that is no small update, Maxon has put a lot of work into this by the looks of things.


Absolutely! Maxon DO deserve a decent upgrade price, R9 does look amazing and you can really see they have been hard at work! My only gripe is that the price for 3D software is spiralling downward, while my C4D upgrade budget is going UP, UP, UP every update!!

I need an upgrade to BP2 from 1, XL8.5 to XL9 (studio if reasnoble) and have just forked out 150 euros for MeshSurgery which may now become redundant! :shrug: (Not to mention my Dual 2.5 Mac delayed AGAIN! :twisted: ). My credit card is looking for a place to hide…

I think Maxon is unlucky that they have released great update which IS worth every penny, at a time when XSI, MAYA et all have aggressively attacked the market with price drops, DVDs, etc, etc.

I guess things will be clearer when the dust settles…



the german forum users seem a little unhappy about pricing…heh heh.

that sounds like it that the upgrade price is the same for someone using 8.5 as someone using 8.2…which seems a bit unfair. if i got 8.5 xl, bp2, s&t…and wanted to upgrade to studio…effectively gaining just dynamics, net unlimited, and new featureset…the price is the same as for 8.2 xl user? this can’t be right surely…dunno will have to wait for official news i guess in the UK but i do hope that pricing is FAIR and consistent across europe…


Redundant may be but certainly not wasted. Every MS version sold ensures that Paul and Per will be able to continue their great work. Storm Tracer was possible because people like you suported them by buying and using their tools. In the end it pays off for both sides.


IMO MS would still be valuable in R9, if only for the super flange feature (which R9 does not emulate). There are other differences as well, such as pressure sensitivity for the Brush tool, multiaxis, etc. But I don’t know if Third Party intends to update MS for R9, or even if it needs to be updated.


To get all the new features from R9, I will need to upgrade core, Mocca and AR. Threw me off at first as at first glance all the new features are being advertised as falling under R9 . My first impression was that if I buy R9, I will get all the new features–including SPD and cloth. (It says r9 featuring ngons, cloth, spd, hud…) But the truth is I am buying 3 things, unless there is a Bundle upgrade.

So, will ~$550 include all the new features (R9 Mocca and AR) or is that just the core update? Am I looking at an upgrade approaching 800-1000 for everything? If so, I will probably need to wait till next year.



I must admit I am not surprised that the most obvious MS tools have been absorbed into the C4D toolset, but I am surprised that The Third Party appear to have had nothing to do with it!? - It has afterall simply copied the tools!? - if it were my product, I’d be pretty p*ssed at Maxon for such a blatant copy, unless of course they were compensated or consulted in some way, and some deal had been struck.
As it is, I am not sure that all the tools have been ‘aquired’ anyway, so I guess it still has some purpose along with the new Maxon versions.


From mdme_sadie over at the Third Party Forums:
"we are planning on making an update to r9 for ms customers. this will fill the gap still left by many tools in function, and the larger gap in terms of workflow of the copied tools. as well as several features still not copied, including superflange, fuzzy smooth, skipping selections, mirror vice tag, brush scripting, decent soft selection falloff shapes and preview, extrude to 0 etc… there will be a nominal fee for update because of the work that will need to be done, however i would not expect it to be very much.

after that we are most likely to expend our resources working on new tools and possibly MS 2.0"

The thought of having to fork over that much money to upgrade to 9 after just upgrading to 8.5 a few weeks ago (right before the ‘upgrade to 8.5 in August and get 9 free’ deal) makes my stomach turn. I am definitely calling MaxonUS to see what the dealio is.


I don’t know what the pricing deal is but I’m sure that it can’t be $550 just to upgrade the basic module. Hell, the basic module itself only costs $595!


Thanks–good to know.