Updates are gone? - Solved: Adobe AE update reset C4D to 21.022


Hey, started up C4D today and it has reverted to 21.022. I show in my update history that I updated to 21.115 on 12/05. Anyone else run into this? The reason I even noticed this is because my Redshift plugin was missing.


Did you update Adobe After Effects?
This will reset C4D to 21.022


Yeah this exact same thing happened to me the other day… I was gonna post something but thought people would just immediately dismiss it as me going nuts…

I’m sure I haven’t knowingly made any updates to any Adobe apps in the past few weeks, so I’m not sure what has caused this…


Hey, I should have posted back yesterday. I called Maxon and yes, it was the Adobe update. I reinstalled C4D to a folder that I created so hopefully the next AE update won’t mess with it. Thanks!


This has just happened a second time for me and I definitely haven’t updated After Effects … Can anyone from Maxon explain why this happens?


The only thing that should cause the issue is an AE update. We’re working closely with the AE team to solve the issue, though it’s a more complex problem than you’d think and will take some time. In the meantime, using the Full Installer to install C4D to a non-standard path is your best bet.

  • Rick


The first time this happened I knew that I had performed an After Effects update recently but couldn’t be sure when, so I let it go… This time around, I was using C4D in the morning on my home Mac before work. I closed C4D and signed out of my account and put the Mac to sleep. I come back in the evening and switch the Mac back on and open C4D and I get the update message… So in this case I can be sure that I hadn’t performed any update to AE as the Mac wasn’t even awake…