updated reel


Dear friends…
this is my updated reel with some of my first imdb credits.


Hope you enjoy it. Critics and comments are more than welcome.


Wow great stuff! I especially love the set extension shots at the start, plus the train shots! Did you match move and comp these shots as well? Would love to hear some tips and ask some details about how you go about those extension shots if you were willing to go into it deeper with me!

Keep up the work, its awesome!


Hi Jack, thanks for your kind comments and your interest in my work.

Yes: the street extension shots are the best and for some reason they are the first ones in my reel. :buttrock:

And yes I’m more than happy to share knowledge as I believe that the more people knows about Digital Matte Painting, the more this incredible discipline of vfx will grow and there will be more projects and opportunities for us artists. Also because I’m a junior and always seek for knowledge all around.

No, i didn’t comped either matchmoved those street shots, and I must say that without the really good compers that were working on that show with me, these shots wouldn’t look so good as they are. All credits for my friends Sanders, Dan and Leslie.

Well it was a sequence with almost 20 shots, where the truck without breaks goes down the slope. The whole sequence was filmed in only two blocks. Then we extended it to something around 16 blocks and added also a building site at the end of the street.
I was supplied with the tracking data and solved cameras from all the 20 shots, the precise measurement of all buildings and houses of those two blocks, and several photos from every building on the street and also some others from the neighbourhood.
With this in my hands, I’ve re-built the two blocks in 3d space in maya. At the beginning with simple cubes with the exact measure of each house/building. Then I textured everything projecting the photos on top of geometry. And then, all credits to our supervisor and compers wich developed a huge script in nuke that multiplied the two blocks in both directions (up and down on the slope) and also filled the 20 shots with the corresponding camera in 3d space. Voila: as magic every single shot was filled with the extension and from now on i just needed to add details (some of them on geometry), some roofs, windows, sidewalks and especially added variation on the buildings. All this created the seamless impression that the truck went down 16 blocks.

I also painted the building site at the end of the street which I’m very proud for the time I’ve spent on it versus the final result on the shots, but unfortunately i didn’t have access to these shots yet. Once i have I will surely update my reel.

Well i hope i made myself clear and if you have any specific doubt or question please feel free to ask.
Best regards, good luck



It’s nice to see your progress. Keep it up. Maybe you should part with some of the older material as you go along.


Thanks Milan,

I’m working a lot during these months and once I reach the end of my current contract I hope I can colect new shots and say goodbye to the old ones.


It is great to see your constant improvement and I encourage you to post updates here.