(Updated 25/7/2017) FFmpeg plugin for 3ds Max 2015-2018


Jose showed this at 3dsmax User group meeting in NYC last night and it got a big reception.

Hope you continue to make some cool plugins Qinming! I challenge you to make a Occulus/GearVR viewer for the 3dsmax viewport!


I’d totally pitch into a kick starter/pre-order that! I think it’d be pretty popular!


Just making note that plugin broke here after installing the Win10 Anniversary update. Now there is a Max startup error.


I finally got around to trying this out and image cache doesn’t seem to be working with a .mp4, what am I doing wrong?


I think the cache is not working in Max 2015 - are you using Max 2015 by any chance ?


Is there any decoder available to encode a viewport peview in H264? I always have problems creating preview with the encoder in max. In blender it works so well in comparaison. We can encode directly to h264.


Yes, x264vfw works well, but personally I prefer use Lagarith (lossless) codec for previews. For the tip, mostly all VFW codecs should works in 3ds max.


Ahh - thanks for that great tip. was not aware that there is a video for windows codec for x264


Instant crash in 3ds Max 2017 when trying to load an .mp4 as bitmap.
Crash happens already when picking the file, possibly while generating the preview in the Bitmap Open dialog…

ffplay.exe shows the .mp4 just fine, so it’s not an ffmpeg issue.

Edit: Attached is the mp4 info produced by MediaInfo


Is ‘Playback Rate’ in the Bitmap > Time rollout supported by this plugin?

Edit: Never mind, Playback Rate is working now, not sure why it did not do it before.


The plugin can support 3ds Max 2018 now.
With Upgraded FFmpeg 3.2.1 library.
Meanwhile, both 2017 & 2018 version fixed a crash bug when some files are missing in IFL2.


Marvelous Qinming !

Just thought about your great plugin the other day and how sad it would be if it would stay* not updated !

BTW: clicking your link to the Max 2018 build falls back to the Max 2017 version for me ( the url string is okay though , so works using copy and paste )


Super! Thank you very much! :buttrock:


Thanks for sticking with us Qinming, we miss your input and talents on the beta board!


THANKS. Qinming!


Fixed the link. Thank you!


Thanks a lot!


Thank you Qinming. Great plugin :).

I’m not sure what could cause this, but for me the 2017 version always fails with a plugin load error when loading Max 2017. 2016/2018 both launch fine. As it stands, I still use 2016 and will probably jump to 2018 when I finally leave 2016 so it’s not something I will notice much. But I’ve installed the plugin three separate time for 2017 in the last year and it always failed. Note that it originally did work for me last year, but stopped working after one of the major updates to windows 10. Just sharing this info. Maybe it will only be particular to my system.


I have a clue why the 2017 download isn’t working. Both 2016/2018 include a file called: ffmpeg.bmi.mui . The folders and files for that is missing from the 2017 download.


Thanks for the 2018 update, it’s an absolute life saver when working with tracked footage in the viewport! :slight_smile: