Update/Referesh Textures in Maya 2011!


Could someone please give me a mel command that 100% works when it comes to updating/refreshing textures in Maya 2011(windows)? I mean not only PSDs but jpeg, png, tiff and tga. I have put the command for updating PSD networks on the shelf that is found inside the texture editor window. That works perfectly for PSD 100% of the time. Any similar command for other formats that works 100% of the time?

The one I was using in Maya 2010 seems not to be working well in Maya 2011. I downloaded another one and it messed up my Maya installation for some reason. Executing it never worked instead it crashed Maya and corrupted my file.

Btw even in the Attribute Editor when I hit the reload button the textures don’t always get updated. It’s hit and miss. I have to keep changing the file name for it to refresh properly.

Please give me a script that work well in Maya 2011. Thanks for your time.


im using this one here…

string $fnodes[]=ls -type "file";
string $fpath;
for ($a=0;$a<size($fnodes);$a++)
$fpath=getAttr ($fnodes[$a]+".fileTextureName");
setAttr ($fnodes[$a]+".fileTextureName") -type “string” $fpath;


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