update bitmap/buttons/spinners etc?


ok say i have a bitmap i want to refresh the bitmap so it loads the bitmap in the path again. What is the best way to do that?

for example… my bitmap

 bitmap myBitmap "" width:100 height:100 fileName:"mypreview.bmp" pos:[5,270]

also thinking about updating

 label temp2 " Map Ch" pos:[55,190] 

for example

i guess ti would all be done in a simmilar way?


Hi Gibbz,

Updating labels? I presume you’er talking about UI controls.

mylabel.text=“my new text”

And try:

b=openbitmap “myfile”



i tryed with bitmap

mybitmap=openbitmap “mypreview.bmp”

but it didnt update the bitmap on my dialog. or should i replace filename"mypreview.bmp" with filename:mybitmap ?



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