Upcoming Interview with Anatomy Instructor Frank Porcu - What Would You Like to Ask?


Hi everyone,

         I've asked Anatomy Instructor Frank Porcu for an interview, and he's agreed! So if there are questions you would like to ask him,[b] please post them here by Dec. 12[/b][b],[/b] I will write up a formal set of questions based on what you guys write plus what questions I would like to ask, and submit them to him. I'll then post his answers to the Anatomy Forum.
         Mr. Porcu teaches Anatomy at the New York Academy of Figurative Art, the Art Students League, the Grand Central Academy of Art amongst other art schools and ateliers in New York. I read about his work and teaching in the Spring 2005 Drawing issue of American Artist magazine. His instructive drawings look simply outstanding. 
         Unfortunately, his site does not provide clear images of his work. I'll request a few from Mr. Porcu. However, a few of his images can be found in the links below:

Related links (images found in the first 2):






         Mr. Porcu studied at Pratt Institute in New York under Salvatore Montano.
         I look forward to seeing the questions you post. Please post questions before Dec. 12 so that I can expedite this interview. This is a great opportunity to ask your questions of a master teacher of Anatomy!
         Thanks! :)


hello there rebecca , long time i visited this forum , its still changing at light speed,
nice to see that your still helping the community so much ,
thank you for that , can’t say it enough
i have a couple of questions ,

what is the most logic way to study the body , from the specific to the totality or just the totality or from the totality to the specific?

is it possible for mr porcu to put his drawings online , cause they seem to clarify the mechanical working of the body

if one is learning anatomy on his own , what does he need to be carefull for , or what tips can you give him

What is according to him the fastest way to learn anatomy for artists , but i mean learn it good??

ok these are my questions rebecca

hope to hear you soon



WOW great job Rebeccak. I read that same article and was blown away by his work. Do you know if he is going to have a book or video or anything of that sort?

Any way will try and think of some good questions for him.


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