Up Todays Fashion to 3D :)


Notching it up a bit to get a taste of it!

Now released as two free plugins (R13 Studio latest needed):
dload via my sign.


6mb QT Lookie


You mean like Plexus done as a 3D effect?


Sort of… :slight_smile:



NICE-- Always being asked to do that sort of thing. Usually rely on tracer, cloners and hair shader. Would like to see how you did yours.

My kids walked into the room while I played the vid: “Whoah! Coooool”


Nice. That does kind of remind of a 3D Plexus.



Using proximal to somehow adjust the thickness of the connecting lines?


So you managed to come up with something usable in that Getcontour() vs. GetVirtualObjects () quest.

looks really cool.


Made me think of ÜberTracer, with some way of fading up the lines rather than having them snap into place. Tasty!


Thanks for watching.
@ douwe, no the GetContour() is not solved I’m afraid.
Getting that to work (better) should open for even more
fun set ups (Using Hair, MoSpline etc).

This set up uses a deformed pointobject as base and
the spheres are set by a regular Cloner.

The strings are actually cylinders.
Using an ObjectGenerator that iterate all points
of the spline(or mesh) and for each point makes a
cylinder between that point and all other points
(minus the points already iterated).
Length and radius are set at each iteration.
Over a given distance between two points
a cylinder is not generated.



So you basically solved the redundant
spline issue which encounters with ubertracer?
That’s great news, I hope you’ll develop it further
and make a plugin from your test :slight_smile:


beautiful effect.


Would be super-cool if you could figure out a way to have the cylinders snap in the center (and curl away) instead of becoming zero thickness.


“curl away”?
Make a drawing:)



Looks cool Lennart, what’s the main advantage over using cloners and the tracer object?
After seeing the Pixmondo 2011 reel I went experimenting with something similar :slight_smile:



Each point connect differently, ie to all other points
rather than edge based as the AtomArray Object or
in an index fashion like the Tracer.



Like silly putty snapping.


I see. Possibly maybe, have to think about it, but not hi on the list atm…:slight_smile:



Well done! :thumbsup:


Some more trippin’ before hitting the sack:)


4mb QT Lookie


A bit of GI, SSS and DOF :slight_smile:

Been doing all production in R12 up till now,
so this is double fun as the last gig using R12 just
finished and I can play more with R13, please excuse my joy:)


2mb QT Lookie