Unwrapping question


I know it sounds easy but how do I unwrap spheres? I’m using max 8. I’ve tried the cylindrical map under unwrap uvw but there’s a lot of stretching and I dont know how to fix it. Could someone help me out with this?


If you have to unwrap a perfect spher, that’ll be really tough. I’m an XSI user, but the process I think would be the same. It’s hard to say without knowing how you plan to use your sphere, but I would try using a planar projection from the top on the top half, then stretch the UVs outward to make sure you get equal UV space for each polygon (using a checkerboard really helps with this). I’d repeat the process for the bottom half, make your texture, then look into a 3d app that can edit your textures from the model to blend the seam out.

Hope that makes sense and works out for you.
Ben Day


Thanks for the advice archvilell. Ok maybe it’ll be better if i explain what I intend to do.

I’ve modelled a chinese lantern and I’d like to texture it. Problem is I dont know how the thing unwraps and how I’m going to texture it. What I’m trying to do is to get the sphere to unwrap into something preferably squarish so that the textures I paint on will be straight, which will definitely be a lot easier for me.

I’ve attached an example of what I’m trying to achieve. That is not done by me by the way.

Do you mind if you could post some pics of the method you’re explaining pls? I would be able to understand that better.


If you would unwrap the whole lantern in one go then you would get a lot of texture deformation at the bottom and top of the lantern. I would suggest unwrapping the lantern in 3 parts: bottom, middle (largest part) and top. Beause the lantern has very visible folds in the texture it is very easy to hide the seams: just place the seam in the darkest part of the fold.


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