Unwrapped UVs on a symmetrical model arent symmetrical?


What would cause a symmetrical model to unwrap with shells of equal cuts, to not be symmetrical?

Im using maya with the unwrap bonus tools.

I was under the impression that identical cut shells (ex. Feet, legs, etc) would unwrap symmetrically? To the point where I could stack them if I wanted.

Sometimes with different models, the feet would be slightly different even when stacked and flipped… few vertices are always placed differently.

Again, model is completely symmetrical and placed dead center of the scene. No history or anything. Seams are exactly the same on both sides. Bonus Tools unwrap vertices are slightly off in some areas like fingers and toes.

EDIT: For kicks I tried it out in zbrush’s unwrap tool and from what I remember its pretty good with symmetry too. It also gives the same-ish results in the toes and fingers even if the model is mirror-welded.


anything? This never happened to anyone else? I could swear it was always symmetrical


Slice model in half, uv map that side. Mirror back the mesh, boom!, identical shells!. In max there’s a handy tool for symmetry, don’t even have to slice meshes anymore.


In maya how does one mirror? Ive read people suggesting it but i never find exact steps to do so.

For example do I uv normally, delete the right leg, select left leg and mirror? I assumed thats what I was supposed to do but I couldnt find a mirror uv function.


You might find a few pointers there:



you didn’t upload 3D unfold plugin from window-seting-plugin…you have to check the box there.