unwrap preserving texture


Hi forum.

So I have this scanned 3d model. The scanner outputs a colored point cloud, and with a few steps in meshlab I’m converting the point cloud to a mesh and applying color data to build a texture map.

It’s all cool, output is a nice textured mesh, but the resulting uv map is an utter mess. Something like this example, only a lot more complex: http://bit.ly/Z2r6Uj

This makes it impossible to touch-up the texture, so what I’m looking to do now is mark proper seams and unwrap, but I need the texture to be rebuilt in the process so that the model looks the same and I can afterwards fine-tune what requires it.

Any ideas, regardless of the software needed? (I’m a Blender user but whatever)


In 3d’s max you can add multiple UVW channels onto mesh. So add second channel, unwrap it as you please, then save this uvw map, render-to-texture this channel into new file (you should now get normal texture) then load UVW map you saved earlier in first map channel (I’d just swapped them, never know when original unwrap may needed again). Then just replace texture. I’m sure similar thing possible in another major modeling programs, but I only know Max’s way. But I don’t think that it will be that different, you just simply create second UVW map and render texture from it.


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