Unwarap UVs in larger format? - Silo 2


Hey folks!

So I picked up Silo 2 on steam and I’ve been making my first model, I’ve created my first model and created all the seams so I can unwrap it. I’ve exported the finished unwrapping as an image and then loaded it into photoshop.

But the image is only 512 x 512 and when I zoom in the smaller sections have become distorted. They look fine in Silo 2 viewport. Is there any way for me to increase the size of the UV gride I’m placing these items on so I can size them up? Or increase the size of the UV image I’m exporting?


In the menus you will see OPT next to various items.Clicking on OPT brings up specific options.

Next to ‘export UVs to image’ click OPT and specify your desired size.