Unwanted transparency with merge node


Hi all!

I´m trying to merge two animations with a merge node. I tried this before and succeed, but now the background overlay the foregorund, or the foreground has a transparency that I cannot remove. Anyway, I can´t get the second animation in full background…some help would be welcome!


do both animations have a alpha channel? if not the normal “Over” will become a “plus”


Agree. Apparently I render the background scene without passes, so no alpha there … how can I convert the merge node to “over” again? or should I get the alpha someway? (btw, u are my savior, viele danke Michael)


you can get a normal “over” when you provide an alpha for both sources. “over” is FG+BG*(1-FG_alpha). so, if you alpha of the FG is black/zero its just FG+BG.


You may create an alpha using shuffle and color correction nodes( and a few others). Show us what you got.


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