Untitled Project - Andrew Hamilton


Howdy all,

I’ve just started on a personal side project and thought i would share the progress. This is the first room 70& complete, which will travel to the corridors upstairs and outside to a run down courtyard.

These are just simple 3dsmax renders with no lighting (ive painted the lighting into the diffuse) as it will soon be in the ETQW engine recorded as an ingame demo and rendered for a portfolio piece. Also note that there is no specular, normal or parallax mapping yet.

Hope you guys like the progress so far :slight_smile:

I have to double check which of my monitors is displaying the image correctly, on one its a nice green, and the other its more grey :confused:


awesome dude. i love it!


:thumbsup: Beautiful textures!!!


Awesome, Andrew! Absolutely love it, reminds me of home! :buttrock:



Holy textures, Batman! :eek: That looks absolutely amazing. Incredible texture work, and I love all the random crap strewn around. :thumbsup:


beautiful texture work!

truly inspiring. :open_mouth:


Beautiful work effekted :thumbsup:

It’s work like this that makes me want to model environments again.

I’m guessing that those boxes, etc. aren’t going to stay black :smiley:

You say you’ve painted the lighting into the textures- Isn’t that a watse? Why not add more detail to the mesh and vertex paint (or bake) the lighting into the mesh. This way it wouldn’t limit your texture usage.

Anyway… keep posting as I say…



really nice work so far, love the gritty mood you’ve added though painting the lighting in, I don’t believe it’s been a waste painting it in. Gives you more artistic direction and will make the development process possibly faster.

My only crit is the brick size that’s exposed due to the plaster falling off. If you look at the size of the steps each brick should be a similar height, currently they look twice this confusing the sense of proportion of the room.


****ing sweet- I think you should push hard with this project. dont know if your thinking about this in a business sensibility, but I think what your doing here (pushing the bounds of ingame textures) you could very well find yourself in a nice nitch when it comes to employment. all the time you see character artists and world artisrts, but the “facade artist” is something that I think will be in high demand in the future. could be wrong,

but basically I cant wait to see the finished product-

as for crits, the only thing that bugs me after looking for a while is the size of the bricks in relation to the stairs. I suppose if they are cinderblocks the size is good- but they seem a bit red to be cinder blocks.


beautiful work fella. i’m with mindrot on the vertex bake suggestion. how big are those texture sheets anyway?

keep it coming.



I would say you wasted a good number of polygons, but thats just too amazing to say no to… Wonderfull work, as I scrolled down I thought it was a high poly model… the texture work is AMAZING!.. The detail in them makes the whole scene look not only real… but the textures create more depth than I have ever seen in a texture… Wonderfull work!


Ok…this is freakin great stuff…just awesome…Im picturing dead bodies etc in there. But really…All that detail…how many 1024s you use? or 2048s? Not none the less Ill be lookin for the rest of this baby…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies guys :slight_smile:

mindrot - Heh no the boxes and paint tins wont be staying black, this is just a WIP. The reason i have painted the lighting into the diffuse is basically just to try something different, the idea when its in the engine is to turn off the stencil shadows and just use the nice ambient light setup along with the painted lighting to make it much more soft and moody.

Authentic-Dave - looking at those bricks now, they do appear to be a little bit oversized. Thanks for pointing that out, ill take a look.

Konstruct - Thanks mate! But im already employed in the industry :slight_smile: This is just me wanting to work on something different.

obelisk/Zerafian - currently its using 5 2048x2048’s, but i havent optimised anything yet, so especially things like the ceiling can be resized etc. I work with restrictions all day, so this is just more of a showpiece for me :slight_smile:

MrDev - Cheers mate :slight_smile: Im actually wondering where all those polys are coming from too, maybe i took the reading with parts of the corridor upstairs still visible. But just as i said in the last comment, im not too concerned. Talking next-gen, 4k isnt exactly pushing the limits for one room :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn you Andrew! Just when I thought I was getting good! :stuck_out_tongue: Looks amazing mate!


Simple and brilliant! Those textures sure are crispy :slight_smile:


Damn… this is print worthy. Lovely.


sweet, bit dark on my monitor! would like a lighter versoin so i can see all that nice detail.


The boxes and paint cans are now textured:


How do you make something so ugly…so beautiful? Amazing work!

Shep is right tho, its a bit dark…


That’s looking killer man… dang. My new bestest best friend :smiley: