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I have a Dual 2400+ Athlon MP with a gig of ram and a nice new video card but. . . DFX+ is REALLY bogging down. I had background rendering on for a bit but that made the interface almost un-usable. I would make one little adjustment to something and have to wait like . . . 30 seconds before I could touch anything again. Turning background rendering off has helped a little but I am still rather shocked at how poorly it is performing. Does anyone have any suggestions?


The only thing that springs to mind at the moment, is if you’ve set the update mode to all, this can sometimes happen with certain flows. Be sure to check the update mode to some, and it will only render what it needs to to display the images in the view.

I assume you’re not attemting to work with something crazy like a 4K image sequence with only 256 megs of ram or something…


No nothing intense like that. Its all 720 X 480 and I have a gig of ram. I have toggled that some switch a few times but it didn’t seem to do much. How complicated can you make a flow before it bogs down? I have nodes going every which way. . .


I thought I had hit the jackpot with DFX+. The flow is very similar to Darktree and in no time I was creating the EXACT motion and effects I was looking for. I just cannot understand why the hell it is so damn slow! It is great for little bitty effects but for something lasting longer than a Minute with over 20 or so nodes. . . it is bogging down horriblly! And I’m only half way through what I need it to do! GAHHHH!!!


didnt work in new(4.0) version,but my experience with older versions was absolutely opposite.did you try to contact support ?


I have contacted them with specific questions but not about “how to make it work faster.” The manual goes into a lot of detail about that and I am trying everything in there. . . its just dog slow compared to AE and even just doing it in my 3D apps.


One thing that can really hinder the speed of a “simple” flow like you have there, is concatenated transforms. If you don’t need 'em, turn em off. Just go into each merge, and set it to “flatten transform”.

If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, there must be something else going on, because for the most part DF is quite fast, especially when compared to other compositing apps.

Perhaps upload a copy of your flow, and I can take a look.


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