Unresponsive/inconsistent with tablet


I’ve been having problems with responsiveness in Mudbox that don’t seem related to performance. For example the pan, zoom, or rotate controls will completely stop working, then a few seconds work again, or work initially but won’t “turn off” until I hit ctrl/alt a second time, sometimes everything will stop working entirely, or only work with the trackpad and not the tablet, or the keyboard will stop working, or any combination of the above. It’s nothing consistent in particular, but the the general bugginess is so annoying it’s pretty hard to get anything done. I was having almost the exact same problems with PS CS6, but that was fixed when I downloaded a plugin fix from Adobe. Is there a similar solution for Mudbox?

I’m using a mac, a Huion tablet, and the student version of Mudbox.


try a different wacom driver…


No luck, there’s only one and it’s a Huion (not Wacom). From what I’ve read online only Wacom tablets are fully compatible with Mudbox, which is pretty frustrating. FWIW the tablet seems to work fine in Blender, Maya, CS6, Houdini - just not Mudbox.