Unreal toontracer


is there anyone using this plugin in LW 8.5 or 8.3 ? I tried it but it crashes Layout every second or third time I open the Unreal panel in the image processing window. Most of the tiem I can start it up, make some changes, render a frame and when I open it again, Lightwave crashes. Sometimes it even crashes the first time I open it.

I downloaded the version 1.22, but that didn’t help either.

I tried it on 2 systems one runs Win 2K with a Quadro FX 3400 and the other Win XP and a Geforce FX 7800 GTX and in both LW 8.3 and 8.5 I have the same problem.


I am not really sure what could be the problem because I use it without hassle on 8.3. Could be that I don’t ‘open’ the unreal panel often 'cause once I have a preset tweaked to my taste, I save the surface and simply change the colors as the need arises. It kinda saves you the hassle of opening the unreal panel everytime.


I belive he’s talking about ToonTracer (although there is an surface shader called EdgeTracer, but it’s something different than what he’s refering to :rolleyes: ).

I answered this question over at my thread on TT: link


sorry about the confusion, I was talking about the Unreal EdgeTracer. There’s already a thread about it as ArtisticVisions mentions, so this one might as well be closed.

thanks though.


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