Unreal Engine-The Datasmith Workflow Toolkit & More


At SIGGRAPH, Unreal gave the first public preview of the new workflow toolbox we’re developing, Datasmith, and announced a private beta program. Developed to help artists and designers simplify the process of importing data into Unreal Engine, Datasmith initially supports more than 20 CAD and digital content creation sources, including Autodesk 3DS Max. Other tools will become available as the beta program progresses. Hear from General Manager, Unreal Engine Enterprise Marc Petit as they go over the details of Datasmith and what to expect next.



I’ve signed up for and installed Datasmith and Unreal, but have absolutely no idea how to go from Rhino or Maya to Unreal Engine. The engine is just so vastly different from Maya, it’s daunting and very claustrophobic! But I’ll admit this is my fault, for not spending enough time in Unreal.


So far it only works with 3DS Max (not Maya) and some CAD applications, as far as I know.