Unreal Engine 4 Environment Project _ SolarDay225 (3D)


Hey everyone,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dean, and I’ve finished an education in 3D at the end of 2020 at Campus i12 in Eksjö, Sweden. Ever since I’ve been working in the industry mostly creating 3D assets for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the next few months, and in preparation for the modular environment course that I have signed up for at CGMA, I would like to build my first Unreal Engine 4 environment.

In my first post, I am going to showcase a mood board for my upcoming project!

I am looking forward to the project and I hope you guys can help me answer a few questions here and there :slight_smile:

Sorry for the format of the image. Feel free to download it to have a closer look.



Here is my my lighting reference


And my AAA quality benchmark, following the advice of “Polygon Academy” on YouTube, giving myself an idea what quality I am aiming for.


I started of with the blockout of the main assets that I will be using all around the environment.