Unreal Engine 3.0


i read about this in the latest issue of pczone, so i thought id go and have a poke around the net to see what i could find…well… i found some impressive screenshots Over Here

check out the wires Here


i know, it’s insane





dreadfully old.


yeh yeh…old news…whatever, i thought it was cool. :shrug:

do you really think i thought to myself… “hey, i bet that loverly lot over at cgtalk havnt seen this yet” haha! come on…ill bet you guys knew about this months ago. :rolleyes:

see if i post in the general discussion thread again.:stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t dissing your post Dene, just giving you more drooley goodness to look at! :smiley:


New to me WOWzers.


How about some new Unreal Engine 3 imagei found

and how about this 2.000.000 mjlon polygon model…


sure the engine looks impressive…but that’s just a model for the normal map


i think they using 3dsmax


I think they actually use Lightwave quite a bit for modeling. And that model shot sure looks like LW Modeler to me.

I’m just pretty excited that Valve are not the only ones pushing the envelope for the next level of game engines. The first videos of Valves HL2 engine really got me excited, and now Unreal engine 3 looks very similar.


and it looks like maya with the model in referenced mode to me :smiley:

But wait, It doesn’t matter what app it was made in! Why? Because you could make that in just about any poly modeler out there!


It’s definatly LW’s shade of grey :stuck_out_tongue:

But the engines on all the new games are looking very impressive, but since valve are more commited to modding, HL2 will last longer.


if u visit unrealtechnology.com
you will see in the bootom of the page:
Purely geometric 2,000,000 triangle detail mesh in 3D Studio Max.


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