unravelling a cone


hi…can anyone tell me how i can unravell a primative…so say…i can see a cone …but flat…
hope you understand:-)

thanks in advance


Well, you can unravel the UV’s in Cinema, using the BP functions.
However, unraveling the geometry could be quite difficult - I am ussuming you want to build a mock up of your 3d models? - FormZ can do this quite well ( I have usd it for this effect, importing models frmo C4D ) ; there are also a couple of dedicated softwares to do this as well, including one I had seen that is free, sadly I can’t rememeber the name - perhaps a search on teh theme “unfold software”… on google could turn something up.


if you want to flatten a polygonal object to the form of a projected view (…if this is clear…) , you can just scale it to 0, or there is also a set of plugins called Planar ( look for it at www(dot)plugs4d(dot)com ) with some handy tools to do this


thanks…ill have a look:-)


i guess you could use Mesh Surgery or PowerAxis to do this manually…but would be fairly time consuming depending on the mesh of course.

papermaking thing…
dunno if this is what is referred to.

if you find an unfolder thingy…post the link i’d like to have a look…cheers



Great link for the paper making thing. :thumbsup:

All I need is a mac version :sad:


Papekura looks nice,
thanks for the link


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