Unpredictable Contact 2, Wei Ming (3D)


Title: Unpredictable Contact 2
Name: Wei Ming
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Happy new year
This is my second unpredictable contact 2 from my unpredictable contact concept. i keep going my imagination of Sci_fi. so i create those gaint machine basically like gaint lizard. they are come from deep space we never know.
Hope you like it.
Original resulotion 6834 by 2322
Unpredictable contact 3 will coming soon…


excellent matrix style, very impressive !


ow my god:p this is a 6 stars work :bowdown:


no 7 stars


wOw! WoW! WOW! :bounce:

brillian work! Front page please! I like it a lot, a bit matrix atmosphere. :bowdown:

8stars :scream:


Amazing work its one of my favorite!!!


well done wei ming, I think you could adding some element like plant which could show us the scale of the machine. any way great job!!:thumbsup:


9 stars:scream:
Awesome work buddy


holy crap, detail overload :bounce:


how long do you work on the models? please post a link to the original image …
i need some wires! thx

5² stars!!!


That is unbelievably ace!
The detail is amazing and its such a cool idea!
I smell frontpage…


how long do you work on the models? please post a link to the original image …
i need some wires! thx

5² stars!!!


this is unbelievable!! just excellent, and ill be looking out for you in future.

id like to see unpredictable contact 1, and any of your other work, do you have a site?


I think this is the most detailed 3d work I have ever witnessed on this forum, I don’t even want to know the hours you put into it, but it was worth every second.


Wow:eek: , impressive image you’ve got here man, so much detail.
Keep up the good work m8:thumbsup:


simply awesome dude

i wish i still used max sometimes you know :wink:


thats really nice, do u happen to have a close up wireframe shot of the model???


:eek: Incredible awesome wonderful work…


I have to say this has got to be one of the better pieces I’ve seen in awhile mainly due to the pose’ of the ‘beings’ involved. They give a feeling of weight that you very often don’t see in 3D work.

It’s as beautiful as it is bizarre. :applause:


Cool stuff but I think the shading on the metal kills it for me. It screams cg.

IMO the rocks are the best part