Unpaid Low poly fantasy models


i’m working around a project using playcanvas. My goal is to make a fantasy mmorpg, i’m still in the early stage and facing lot of hurdles, i do some models using 3ds but i’m not very good at that, actually using some models made for Glest some year ago, the project will allow players to choose the race (human,elf,dwarf,half orc) and the sex(male, female).
What i need actually is some female model to complete the character creator, i think that it would be nice to have different texture for same model that allow to change the appearance (ex: hair color).
Later lot of models will be needed to complete the game, my goal is to make a game the will allow players to buy items or credits that they can spend inside the game and earn from that sharing the profits with all the staff.
I can’t promise anything at the current time, but if someone have some time to spare is welcome. Also javascript coders are welcome :slight_smile:
PS. All the background is already setup.

Actual stage example: Kha-Lhen Supremacy (take a while to load if script alert say continue)
Character creator example: Character creator (i know: models are not the best)


I think your title shouldn’t start with “unpaid”. I would put it at the end and also use a different word, like “volunteer work”. It’s a detail but it may look more inviting this way.

       About the game, well I'm really not a mmorpg gamer (or a gamer at all). I didn't find any other command than the left click.  I killed the orc but if there was anything else to do I didn't find it. It's an early stage and for now doesn't look very original for a fantasy mmorpg yet, but I hope it will become interesting at the end.
    Do you or can you use mixamo, fuse, makehuman or this kind of stuff to make and animate characters? (maybe it's too high poly, but also maybe you can use some polygon reducing tool)
     Cheers !