[UNPAID][HOBBY] Student game looking for artists (Underwater 3D Adventure)



As a part of University of Southern California’s Masters course in Game Development, we are required to create a game as a thesis. Our team of ~25 is a diverse and passionate group of volunteers aiming to make a witty, pretty, shippable game.

The game, titled “Friendshrimp” is a single player, 3D, third-person adventure game. You play as a mantis shrimp wreaking havoc with its formidable punch in a peaceful, destructible environment. The game is narration based with a humorous voice over, instructing or cautioning the shrimp on how to progress through the game, and reacting as his advice is heeded or ignored.
Colour is a huge part of the art style, since the game is played from the perspective of a mantis shrimp, which can see 4x more colours than humans. Abzu is taken as inspiration for this, although the feel of the game will contrast more and more as the environment becomes increasingly entropic through the player’s actions.

Technical/VFX artist : Underwater shaders and destruction particle systems
3D Rigger/Animator : To bring the underwater creatures to life

Email us at friendshrimpthegame@gmail.com or find us on Facebook if you’re interested.

Please join our growing team and help us make this wonderful game!