Unofficial Matte Painting Challenge 1


hey guys at last here’s the Unofficial Challenge we’ve planning check it out!

this is a mini-contest outside of the bounds of the real CG Challenges that are run.

questions in this thread and your submissions in new threads please, read the instructions

thanks to leonard teo,roberti mibus,leigh van der byl,ballistic publishing for their support and of course, dylan cole, chris stoski and alp altiner thanks guys!

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D’artiste matte painting book


Awsome challenge, this was the only challenge missing. and a great subject too
hope i can make some time


Alright this should be great!
I was thinking about trying out an underwater scene!!!

Good luck to everyone entering!


Hi all,

this could be interesting…underwater… hm…:slight_smile:


interesting challenge. I may have to try my hand at matte painting.


Not to be nitpicky, but at the bottom of the challenge image it says "2 >Secon< prize:2 ballistic publishing books. Just wanted to point that out. As for the rest, I’d love to see what results will come from this challenge :).

Regards, Erik


Sounds great! What’s the final file type and preferred resolution?


I have a concept but not sure if it would be allowed. What if Atlantis was a city of futuristic technology? Ruined, of course, but what if my concept is a bit like futurism in ruins. Would that still count or am I SOL? I can adapt to needs… and I’d really like to do something like this. Mainly for the free books. :smiley:


I’ve been considering trying my hand at matte painting, would be fun to do something a bit different.

I’m in.


hey guys I’m glad you;re excited with this project this will rock ! for sure

@sheppyboy2000 : yeah you can imagine all you want as long as it is based in real atlantis civilization , it could be a futuristic atlantis when all the ground is already underwater and the new city is the " new atlantis " just use your ideas to come up with something really cool the main idea I a big ruined or living city underwater based on the atlantis topic how do you imagine it? how do you picture it
just think of an idea this was a huge civilization like rome in the ancient times maybe it was an alien city thousands of years ago, try combining futuristic architecture with something familiar like other architecture based on the one we all know
hope this help


is teamwork allowed?


@coCoKNIght : no, it is an individual project


Sweet… wel Ive never put my hand to matte painting before… this could be intrigueing to see what comes out of it

Im already starting to formulate an image in my noggin


He He He…soooooo tempting…just do I have the time???

Good Luck to everyone and hope to try and enter myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


well that’s gonna be really tough but i can’t miss it
i’m in.


Sweet where do we sign up?


you’re gonna make an entry in matte painter forum.thread title Atlantis : your name : your entry…
read the image on the top man.


Ya sorry, i just read that now. :slight_smile: Hope to see you guys ther.


WoW! This sounds more than good :slight_smile: I think I try to do something.
But most important thing for me is resolution.

In how big resolution it must be?
in print size?


ah at last!! this is a great opportunity for both matte painters and matte fans. I’m in! good luck everyone:beer: