Unofficial lunch at SIGGRAPH?


So, SIGGRAPH is almost upon us, and CGtalk isn’t going to do an official meet-up event this year, but I’ve seen at least 20 people post that they’d like one, so how about an impromptu suggestion:

UNOFFICIAL LUNCH for whomever is interested:
Wednesday August 11
Westin Bonaventure Hotel
Meet outside Bonaventure Brewing Company (4th Floor)
1:30 pm

Westin Bonaventure has a Food Court with a choice of foods at much better prices than the convention center, or alternately we might eat at the Brewing Company, which has a large amount of indoor or outdoor (pool level) seating. There’s a free shuttle running from the convention center to the Westin Bonaventure. Sound good? Please vote to see how many are attending next week.



I’ll be there :), ( If it becomes official of course) both places sound good to me.


Myself, my friend from Omation, my friend from G4TechTV/Compositor-wannabe, my friend from school, and my friend from home are all probably down for lunch. Brewery all the way! It’ll be slick to meet some more folks for whomever shows up.


We shall see. Hope my work schedule permits. :slight_smile:


Conferences have been cutting back on Shuttle Service, NAB in Vegas did not have shuttles running in the middle of the day.

Shuttle Service
SIGGRAPH 2004 provides limited complimentary shuttle bus service between most conference hotels and the Los Angeles Convention Center. There will be no mid-day shuttle service. Check the shuttle flyer and signs in hotel lobby for exact details. If you require special transportation assistance, please call Conference Management at: +1.312.644.6610.”


Pretty sure I’ll be there, perhaps with a friend or two.

Sorry for not taking matters into my own hands and arranging this myself, I put a thread or two out there and got little to no replies.


The Bonaventure is 8 blocks up Fig from the convention center. Knowing traffic around there, it’s probably easier to walk. However, if you are deathly afraid of exercise, you can take the A Dash up there, and the F Dash back. They are 25 cents each.

See more info on bus routes here and here.


I can be there if you guys hold it on TUESDAY at noon…
I’m a student volunteer, and my wednesday is booked full.

That said, I’d love to attend if I can.


Basards! I hope they still have shuttles to the electronic theater matinee screenings, though…



I hope they still have shuttles to the electronic theater matinee screenings

I heard word the ET is actually at the convention center this year, so no shuttles needed, but also no grand classic theatre.


It’s not hearsay, they recently have listed Hall K as the place the ET will be:


Well I’d love to add another Jeremy to the mix, but I guess I’ll have to see if I can free up that time slot before I reply.


Absolutely I’ll come but heck if I know which location is better OR how to get there.


As for location: we should meet outside the Bonaventure Brewing Company no matter what. The food court is right in the same part of the hotel, so it’s the same place to meet no matter where we eat.

Westin Bonaventure LA:
Bonaventure Brewing Co.:

Here is a map from LA Convention Center at 1201 South Figueroa Street to the Westin Bonaventure at 404 South Figuroa Street - I’m sorry to hear they aren’t doing the shuttles all day anymore, but if you don’t want to walk I’d take a cab, especially if you split it with someone it won’t cost much for a short hop like that.



Cool-- maybe this time I’ll actually get to MEET you, that would be spifftastic. Wish I’d known you were the guy in the rat mask at the Halloween party. And this time I will have read your lighting book, hah!


Wow, it seems that i have been slacking. Siggraph is in full bloom and here I am, trying to place things together for the group of Chicago people who are clueless. Its really good though, I like to see what I can and cannot pull. So on to more pressing matters, this lunch. What is it all about. i am staying at the Westin and I will totally be in it if its open to anyone. That would be pretty boss then.


i’ll reply here and just say that i’ll do my best to turn up. i’m with a few other people so i’ll try to find out whats best with them too
great idea jeremy :thumbsup:
so there you have it…now you know to look out for me :slight_smile:
not long now people!


I don’t know, cabs have always tried to jack me out of as much money as possible.

There’s also buses, specifically the DASH buses, which are cheap (25 cents) and pretty fast. You can take the A Dash up there, and the F Dash back. They both run up and down Figueroa.

More info on the DASH routes here.


hey jeremy,

I’m headed to siggraph with a friend of mine and we will both do our best to be at that lunch.



Sounds Great!

It is about a 15 minute walk from the Convention Center to the Bonaventure if memory serves me correctly.

The Dash sounds great! Thank you for the link. I was planning on taking the Metro from the Westin Century Plaza Hotel, but did not find any info on the Dash. If it runs every 5, that is fantastic. If you stay on the bus it looks like it takes you to Little Tokyo/Arts District. Possibly another lunch stop for me on another day.

The only thing going on during that timeslot is the Keynote and Awards from 1:15 - 3:15


Sadly, Little Tokyo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s in pretty bad disrepair and there’s a miniature shanty town a couple blocks from it. The Mitsuwa Mall is alright (has an arcade for you DDR fans), and there’s a few good restaurants, but I always thought it was a bit of a letdown.
I lived in this area for 4 years, am an avid nipponophile, and even -I- never really went to it much.