Unknown property???


Encountered quite strange issue… I’ve got my own structure defined and I try to assign some value to one of it’s properties using dropdown lis. It shows me:

 struct Axle (
 	lenght = 0.0,		-- axle lenght in [m]
 	yPos = 0.0,			-- = carLenght/2-distanceFromFront
 	wRadius = 0.0,		-- wheels' radius in [m]
 	wWidth = 0.0,		-- wheels' width in [m]
 	wMass = 0.0,		-- wheels' mass in [kg]
 	susp = 1,			-- suspension type
 	drive = false		-- if the axle is a driving one
 global axles = #()		-- array to keep axles' properties
  for i=1 to nrVal do (append axles Axle)
  rollout AxleRollout "Axles' Properties" width:140 height:366 (
  on axle_list selected sel do (			-- set the chosen axle's suspension type
  		axles[axle_spin.value].susp = sel

What have I done wrong?

(append axles Axle)

should be

(append axles Axle[b]()[/b])

you were collecting references to the struct definition rather than actual instances


Kinda better…
Now it says it has argument count error:
“append wanted 2, got 3”
… though I only changed “Axle” to “Axle()”

   for i=1 to nrVal do ( append axles Axle() )

Ok, nvmd, I changed to

axles[i] = Axle()

and it works. The above issue is quite interesting though. Any ideas why did it throw such error?


   for i=1 to nrVal do ( append axles (Axle()) )


my bad, lo made the correction for me


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