University help!!


I’ve recently graduated and planning to study vfx/animation. Since I’m from Thailand, I need some suggestions from you guys about MA programs. Could anybody give me the opinions regarding the MA programs of the following uni?
1.Bournemouth university
2.Hertfordshire university
3.Escape studios
4.Academy of art university California
5.Savannah.collage of art (SCAD)
Basically, I want to know which uni do you think has strong curriculum. I am quite lost here, so if any of you has an advices or suggestions, It will be very appreciated.
For your information, I’ve read most threads about the uni. however, updated opinions are preferred and would help me to decide which one to go


1.Bournemouth university
2.Hertfordshire university

These two strike a cord, but out of curiosity have you done some preparatory research on your own in regards too the Masters programs for each Institution you’ve listed plus other ancillary material. for example unbiased alumnae reviews? etc…