Universal Renamer



I found awesome script from this guy: https://github.com/cb109/interactive-universal-renamer

Everything fine and works well but i wanted to add one thing there:
I wanted that the script defines all material slots (At least on several main slots: Diffuse, Reflect, refract, bump, Refl gloss) if there is a texture binding and can add suffixes and prefixes for them (if i needed)

For example: if the texture is in the diffuse slot, then i could add the suffix/prefix “D” there, and if the texture is in the bump slot, i could add suffix/prefix “B” Also this rule worked on: objects, materials and files like already works in existing script

Is it possible?


Did you ask the author himself?


totally agree with serejah,unless you are able to do it yourself, it will be hard to find someone that will modify an existing script especially one this complex and articulated.

even if it would have been an easy task you’ll better ask the dev

if he denies and the script is open you start to read the code and get your head around it.

if you putted all your efforts and don’t get it then ask in the forum for specific things, you will find more people prone to help you


Your request goes against the idea of ​​"universal". I have worked with a lot of projects that used different materials, shaders and bitmaps … Usually “diffuse”, but can also be “color”. Very often “normal”, but there may be a “bump”. It can be “glossiness” or the opposite “roughness”, etc.
It seems to me that your request is specific to your task. Therefore, formulate a “Technical Requirement”, and perhaps someone will help you with this.