Universal Binary improves rendering speed on G5


Out of curiosity I installed the Universal Binary version of C4d onto my Powermac G5 and ran some tests.

All tests performed on a Powermac G5 dual 1.8 GHz with 1.25 GB Ram running 10.4.4
The files used are from 9.5’s “features” folder. I opened the files and rendered them straight to picture viewer. I also re-rendered several times to confirm results. No other apps were running in the bacground.

Here are the results.

Ambient Occlusion\Ambient Occlusion.c4d
C4d 8.5 – N/A
C4d 9.52 - :57
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary - :51

C4d 8.5 – 1:44
C4d 9.52 – 1:20
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary - 1:05

C4d 8.5 – 1:10
C4d 9.52 – 1:06
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary - 1:00

Sub Surface Scattering\Moose.c4d
C4d 8.5 – :20
C4d 9.52 – :11
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary - :10

Sub Poly Displacement\Andreas Keller\Island\Island.c4d
C4d 8.5 – N\A
C4d 9.52 – 2:12
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary – 1:54

My own file. It’s a cheesy render of some shiny reflective rockets on a moon surface.
C4d 8.5 – 6:04
C4d 9.52 – 4:18
C4d 9.52 Universal Binary – 3:51

Not a huge increase I know, but it should make quite a difference when rendering animation sequences.

It would be interesting to see what results an Intel iMac produces using the same files, excluding my cheesy rocket file of course. Would never share that…

Thanks Garry.


Yes, thankfully the latest XCode versions are up to speed with codewarrior so there is no loss in speed due to using it.


so… wait… I can download this upgrade and put it on my regular old non-intel G5 and my renders will be faster? Is what I’m hearing?


Yes, should work fine provided you curently only need Arndt’s plugins beside the Maxon tools



And any COFFEE plugin I assume?



ah… well, that’s different.

Gotta have my plugins. So that would be a NO, then…


Well I just installed the binary version to see how that works (just to test). I do not see a difference and plugins are working. How can I tell if the installer did it’s job right and I have the Binary version or not? The info screen dosn’t tell me anything.

I do not have an intel-mac yet so I installed it on a G5 Dual 10.4.4.


This is very interesting and good news. I’d jump my MacOS C4D version over to MacTel immediately if it were not for the same considerations tcobb mentioned.

If I could rip myself away from interPoser Pro development long enough to get the required XCode and migrate my plugs over to UB, that would become a priority - as it seems that this is more imminent than expected. Didn’t remember that UB would work on PPC as well as Intel. I could use the render speed increase on my lowly iMac… :slight_smile:

Aside: Speaking of interPoser Pro, I have implemented my own bones for Poser figure deformation. There are still tweaks needed, especially for spherical falloff zones, but the results are very good for a week’s work. Most of the deformations are identical to Poser (minus sfzs and bulges). :thumbsup:



Tank - I have a Maxon folder within my Applications folder, and within the Maxon folder I have the following 3 folders: CINEMA 4D R9, CINEMA 4D R9.5.2 UB and CINEMA_4D_R8 (reinstalled for test). Installing the Universal Binary update does not overwrite an existing install (well it didn’t for me), so if you open C4d with your Dock icon or by clicking on a .c4d file you will open your default install. To see if you are runing the UB version check the plugin menu, your 3rd party plugins (if you have them) will not be available.


That’s also good news! Looking forward to the InterPoser upgrade!

Will follow this UB on PPC closely. Very interesting!




Will the UB version install on a G4 iMac? I did the install and it created the new folder “CINEMA 4D R9.5.2 UB” but there’s no application icon in that folder. There are the other folders - library, modules, plugins, etc. in there, but no application.

Cactus Dan


No kidding :bounce: just tried a bunch of renders, the speed increase is certainly noticeable!

Cheers for the heads-up Garry! Hair renders seemed to benefit hugely from the new version, the ‘Cow’ sample image (800x600) render time went from 74s -> 53s, this is a massive (~30%) speed up so big thanks to all concerned! I tried ditching all plugins from both versions ,the difference was still significant. I’m certainly not ditching the old (PPC) version quite yet - Jenna, CPT etc will keep me there for some time - but having a 30% speed increase at my disposal for C4D native scenes is a great surprise!

Cheers all - C



it’s a times like these I wish I wasn’t so dependant on Jenna. I use it in practically everything I do. Let’s hope our plugin coders can rise to the challenge and get some UB versions out.

Or Maxon produce a cloning tool that’s as powerful as Jenna.

exciting times




There seems to be some indications that Maxon is at least capable of creating something really cool along these lines–just look at the instancing features in the Hair module. I can see some rudimentary Jenna qualities with dynamics already built right in.

And the feather object can be looked at as a branching object like Jenna’s Iterator . Its not limited to “feathers” You can nest har objects in Feather objects and so on just like you can do with Iterator. Just use instance objects (spheres, cubes, whatever) rather than splines.


a very good point Joel.

I really haven’t had time to play with Hair too much, apart from the obvious, hair on a ball and yank it around a bit. Which is very cool.

It’s just when you are working you gravitate to tried and trusted solutions to get stuff done faster. You must know that feeling.

I look forward to the upgrades though




Hi Joel - I think it’s a fairly open secret that Maxon has a Jenna-inspired tool in development - this thread is just one that refers to it. They’ve got the ideal template to work from ie Jenna2.5, and no current developer to annoy (unless 3DAttack are picking up from where darf left off…? This would be quite daunting I imagine…). So hopefully there will be a viable way to use the UB version with Jenna or atleast something like it.

CPT is a different kettle of particles, of course…



@rsquires–yes–I know the feeling :slight_smile: I’m still coming to grips with Bodypaint.
I think I’ve only had maybe a half hour or so of exploring beyond the obvious uses Hair has to offer. But in that timeit became clear that theres a lot of potential in there for non Hair projects. MV did some cool things using the instancing functions for his Bee scene he posted a while back. The spline dynamics function mixed with the instancing ability has my mind racing.

Oh yeah–I’ve been following those little hints with interest. I guess we’ll see.
And as for CPT, I too am hoping 3DAttack is able to pick up development–or maybe Maxon will take a look at developing some more particle tools as well that will fill the hole.



just got my imac… have to play around and toy with it for a while. then i’ll test some cinema stuff…

is there a UB cinebench?



There’s not a single solid mention in this thread of a JENNA inspired plugin. The only one mentioning it is DARF, and he is not in the MAXON loop. It might be MAXON is developing JENNA-like things, but DARF wouldn’t know. Anyway, I hope as well as you guys that we get a better itterator in C4D, whether it comes from DARF, MAXON or Santa. :slight_smile: Then again, I’m hoping for lots of things, like a shader tree or true NURBS. I guess we’ll know more by the time Siggraph starts - where MAXON traditionnally announces “something”.



here are my results (rendering straight to picture viewer) so far:

Ambient Occlusion\Ambient Occlusion.c4d
UB: 42s

UB: 49s

UB: 50s

Sub Surface Scattering\Moose.c4d
UB: 9s

Sub Poly Displacement\Andreas Keller\Island\Island.c4d
UB: 142s

not bad for a “home machine”…
imac 2ghz intel thingie 1GB ram