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CGS UK Chapter
List of CG Artists based in UK


[li]AnimZiggy (Ismini Sigala): Freelance 3D Artist/Character Animator[/li][li]Leigh (Leigh van der Byl): Texture painter[/li][li] Danshewan (Dan Shewan): Freelance Digital Artist[/li][li] Koshime (Dr. CM Wong) : Anaesthesiologist/Concept artist [MSN:koshime@yahoo.com][/li][li]Twidup (Todd W): elderly creature technician| cell shop[/li][li]MrJames (James Stone): Freelance 3D Character Artist / London College of Music and Media[/li][li]Sinew (Sia-Leng New): Freelance Digital Artist [MSN: sl_new@hotmail.com][/li][/ul][color=White]Oxford[/color]

[li]Droolz (Jules Stevenson): Creative Director “BIG monkey boss” [ MSN droolz202@hotmail.com][/li][/ul]
North UK

[li]Vyntax (Stewart Jones): Technical Animator [Eurocom][/li][/ul]Applying for UK chapter

I personally know that there are a large amount of talented artist working in various related industries of games, movies, advertising and illustration that we could all really benefit from a CG Society chapter based in UK
 If anyone else is interested, 
 please post on here.
 I'm personally based currently in central london and it would be great to get together, share ideas, thoughts, sketch and paint together or go on art field trips


Yeah, I agree, meet-ups would be fun. I’m in Derby myself so pretty central I guess!


Thats not too bad.
I was in sheffield for 7 years prior to moving down to london.

Lots of potential scenery in teh derby/peak district area.
Although we can all decamp to lake district mountains or Snowdonia for a outdoor meet/paint. Heh heh


I’d definitely be up for regular meetings - I think it’d be really beneficial to actually meet other CGS artists face to face. I don’t really get much chance to leave the city, though, so if the meetings were to be held elsewhere I’d probably be unable to attend.


Well, other artists from CA org also meet regularly.

Normally, we meet at nandos, Soho in firth street to eat/draw.
Depending on what is on, Tate britain or local museums are quite attractive as well

I personally am up for anything, or goign out ot nice places to Eat as well
(loads of lovely places to eat in central london, but not many to eat and draw. but perhaps to eat and discuss…art/perspective, methods, what we’re workgin on outside the cofnines of NDAs and to just enjoy each others company)


MSN is koshime@yahoo.com

email: koshime@gmail.com


mmmmm nando’s.

well, as soon as I move over at the end of the month, I will probably be joining everyone.



nandos is only a suggestion (we can try some great places to eat ranging from Dim sum chinese to japanese yautcha and korean Ran)

Where will you be residing Twidup?


no idea yet.

Dealing with Foxton’s right now on trying to locate a place. Any suggestions on some nicer areas, close to soho (like zone 2 or 3 is fine) that are relatively in-expensive and close to transit and shopping?




Inexpensive = higher crime rate

Dodgy and cheap
[li]East central london[/li][li]Wood green[/li][/ul]Cheap
[li]South of the river thames eg. Southfields, canary wharf[/li][li]North of central London eg. Finsbury Park[/li][/ul]Central
[li]Angel/Islington/Highbury[/li][li]King’s Cross[/li][li]Holborn[/li][/ul]Nice = Expensive and then some


If Anyone wants,

I’m meeting with a fellow art coleague at nandos, Firth street in SOHO after 6.30pm till around 10.30-11pm. We’ll be downstairs painting/eating.

If you need directions/etc

drop me a line at 07717757807



Ah… Saw this thread too late. Otherwise I would’ve join you guys. The last time I did a group sketches was like 9, 10 years ago back in college days. Hahaha…

Koshime, I just added you in my address book. You can add me to MSN too, my MSN id is sl_new@hotmail.com.

Cheers, guys.


Don’t you mean Frith Street, not Firth Street? :wink:

I might pop round one evening if there is a meetup since I work quite nearby, although I am more partial to the Pret over the road, instead of Nandos. But Pret isn’t really a good place for a group of people. On the other hand, Garlic And Shots is… if you’re into garlic. And vodka.


hi there,

the onlyreason why Nandos works is over the past few years, its afford us a chance to sit loads of people, serve food and drinks and opens till 10-11pm without kicking people out, thus allowing for a perfect opportunity to sit and draw and eart


Understandable. It’s just that I don’t eat Nandos, which is why I never go there.


Sorry I missed you guys the other night - when are you going to meet up next? Either post back here or feel free to send me a PM, and perhaps we can get a decent number of us in the same spot at the same time!

Hmmm, vodka and garlic - could there be a better combination?


Just curious guys,

Are there any preferred

[li]Days? (weekdays or weekends?)[/li][li]Venue? (museum/eatout place or congregation area in central london)[/li][/ol]Over the next 2 weeks for a meet up/ get together / social


I prefer week nights since my weekends are usually busy. As for venues, anywhere with decent ale.


I am quite alrite in the coming weeks. So any time & venue in central London would be fine for me. Cheers.


Agreed. I’d prefer Fridays (nights, not the awful restaurant chain), but any night is pretty much okay for me.


Incidentally, Dan - have you not been to Garlic & Shots? It’s just over the road from Nandos on Frith. Garlic on everything on the menu, plus a selection of garlic/chili-infused alcoholic beverages and shots, which are not for the faint of heart. The “bloodshot” is fantastic.