United Earth Mothership, George Kim (3D), George (Dong-hoon) Kim (3D)


Title: United Earth Mothership

Name: George (Dong-hoon) Kim

Country: Korea (South)

Submitted: 29th May 2016

Our earth is already divided enough. So the mothership will carry a fictitious “United Earth” flag. I meant to create a simple geometry and “paint over it.” But I got carried away at the initial modeling stage and ended up finishing the whole thing reusing and modifying shaders that I created for my other projects. The small fighters are two simple low poly objects. Hope you guys enjoy it and and give me some feedback. And I’ll post other required images.

Background image (modified) credit: NASA


“United Earth” Flag design:

Reference images:

Geometries of the final scene:

Mesh in orthographic views:

Renders in orthographic views:


Some closeup shots cut out from a 4K render:



4K Render test to see how the model would look in an animated footage. Anybody got any feedback for improvement regarding the concept of the mothership? Or any other observation?



I’m Enzo. I’m one of the judges for the “Technically Correct” category and this entry is one of my favorites! Thrust from the engines appear to go through the craft’s center of mass, and while they’re really large, I would assume the engines are constant thrust.

I’d like to give you more advice on realism, but I think that would be unfair to other contestants.

I will add this for the animation however; assuming the radius of the ship’s torus is at least 1 mile/1.609km (from the scale of the smaller ships it seems pretty large) and it spins 1 revolution every ~2 minutes, passengers in the torus would experience gravity that would be a little stronger than the Martian surface about 0.5g.


Thanks, Enzo, for the acute observation!

Frankly, I have worried some specialists would point out that error in the spinning speed of the torus, since I’m a not good at physics nor mathematics so it was made out just enough to trick the eyes of the “common” viewers. According to an online calculator (http://www.artificial-gravity.com/sw/SpinCalc/), the correct speed seems to be “0.7455103853224923” rotations per minute. Is that correct?


Using the values I provided, radius = 1 mile/1.609km, gravity 0.5g, you get a rotational rate of 0.5 rpm.


United Earth Mothership’s design and the speed of the torus has been updated to be more technically correct.

  1. The torus (1 mile /1.609km in radius) now rotates 0.75 rotation per minute to simulate Earth’s gravity (1G).
  2. A number of new auxiliary thrusts (reverse, horizontal, vertical and etc.) have been added to help navigate the ship in space.

There might be some questionable features that have been left as they are as in:

  1. “Windows” on the “floor” of the rotating torus, since glass floors are quite common in tourist attractions.
  2. Camera shake in empty space, since the thrust coming out of the passing ship may affect nearby ships.


Any further observation or suggestions?


Attempted another variation of the mothership concept using the same shader.

United Mothership Concept 2

Animation coming soon.

Closeups from a 4K render

United Mothership Concept 2 - Closeup 1

United Mothership Concept 2 - Closeup 2

United Mothership Concept 2 - Closeup 3

United Mothership Concept 2 - Closeup 4


Finally the 4K Animation Test of the Concept 2!
Background image credit: NASA


(Yeah, the direction of the shadows slightly don’t match with the background image. I realized it too late, unless there’s supposed to be a second strong light source.)


United Earth Mothership - Concept I Final
The final model for submission reverted back to the original concept as much as possible, while keeping all the new auxiliary thrusters intact. The ugly protruding reverse thrusters were replaced with embeded ones.

Sorry for the duplicate post, since I wanted to upload ultra high resolution submission image as well.

Detailed images coming soon.


United Earth Mothership - Concept I - Auxiliary Thrusters
Where the new auxiliary thrusters for navigation is located


Additional views (viewport renders and composited in After Effects).

United Earth Mothership - Concept I - View 4

United Earth Mothership - Concept I - View 2 - Reverse Thrusters Off

United Earth Mothership - Concept I - View 1


Cool stuff ! :wink: