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Hi guys,

 For past little while I've been developing a small idea I had in my free time. Now that its functional (well, sort of) and needs testing I've set it up for everyone to use :)
 The basic idea is having a model-sharing site for all kinds of meshes with peer-reviews and easy searches. However, models on such a site would be stored in a neutral format instead of arbitrary user-defined uploads. This allows several things:
 - Uploads/downloads in multiple file formats (I've currently implemented .3ds and .dae, but many more are possible/coming)
 - 'Unbiased' previews (since all models are processed the same, what you see in a preview is what you'll get)
 - Server-side rendering (because server knows everything about a model, it can render it out by itself)
 - Detailed model info
 - No data 'leaks' to unauthorized users (we send clients real-time model renders as images, thus never having to actually transfer geometric data)
 So cue [b][www.meshplant.com](http://www.meshplant.com/index.html)[/b]: a website designed to do just that. You can upload your models to our server and share their renders (in forum posts, blogs, personal portfolios) and, optionally, the data (allow other people to download your model).
 A model on meshplant.com consists of a set of meshes and their textures. Uploading is simple- put your model file in a new folder, add any textures (currently only diffuse is supported), zip the folder, and upload.
 Currently models can be exchanged in either .3ds or .dae (collada) formats. .3ds import/export is designed for very simple models and will not handle complex texturing correctly. Also, resetting xforms before exporting helps a lot.
 Here are two examples from my personal models that I've uploaded and links to their details (you can interactively rotate/preview models on the details page):


So register, upload your stuff, and participate! It is all greatly appreciated.

Please do feel free to comment on this project. I am very open to bug reports, suggestions, and any other information. You can use the forum on the website, or this thread for all comments.

Also please read our rules and privacy statement.

 Thanks for checking this out! :)


Great idea, joining in!


can u make the 3d interactive when you rotate it though? and better lighting…

like this :

that would be a lot cooler, imo.


can u make the 3d interactive when you rotate it though?

In the example you provided they use flash to display the model on the client. Meaning that the model+textures are downloaded to your computer before you can view it. It allows anybody with enough enginuity to steal the model if they wanted to. That, and you need to have flash, takes longer to load, etc.

The lighting and overall rendering could/will be improved though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments


maybe im way wrong, but i thought it was a free model sharing site…? so how can models be stollen.


maybe im way wrong, but i thought it was a free model sharing site…? so how can models be stollen.

There is an option to just allow people to view your model, not download it :slight_smile:


I’ve started a topic on 3DVF (French 3d community) there’s a couple of week about a free 3d model’s bank i want to create. In this topic we were discussing about the display techology to use. I was searching for a Web3d display tool & viewer, by plugin or not, until… i found your site !

:cool: Wha ! A display code who can read COLLADA files. It’s exactly what i was searching for… So… My question is ? Is it open source ? Is there a way to learn How to ?

I need a solution for displaying the models for my future site and your displaying technology is a chance for me.

If you don’t want to “share” your code (The kind of thing that i can understand), maybe could you make a “Light” version for a brand new french community ! :applause:

Thanks, JasRock :buttrock:



sorry for late reply. The code behind the site is currently messy and under heavy construction. I am not sure if it will be open source or not, but thats a possibility. Will need to wait a month or two until I clean some of it up :slight_smile:



Hi Marsel and thank you for your answer :thumbsup:

It’s really not a problem, we can wait all that time ! This time will be used for some other kind of stuff…

Like you probably know, to find a matching Web3D solution is a truly Graal’s quest. So… Displaying online a model, its wire and its texture is perfect, even if it’s not really 3DRealtime.

I’m glad that you didn’t spent your free time to watch TV and drink some beer ! :applause:

If you decide to sell your code, you can count my pre-order :deal:

Thank you and Long life to Meshplant !

JasRock :buttrock:


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