Uninstalling old updates


Trying to make room on my HD. I have many entries in my “Add or Remove Programs” windows for LightWave. I’d love to kill 8.0.1 Update (3,441 MB), 8.2 Update (2,707 MB), and 8.2.1 Update (2,611 MB).

Are these files just for installing those updates? Or will I give LW a lobotomy if I delete any of that?


I wouldn’t touch those if I were you …


You could uninstall the lot (make sure you keep your license.key and plug-ins!) and then reinstall only 8.0 and update it with 8.3. Be sure to move your content directory elsewhere before you do this if it is in your LightWave directory - LightWave doesn’t take up that much space on its own.

PS. Doing this will lose your configs too, so make sure you’ve saved them some place if you have extensively customised them. If you haven’t I would let them be uninstalled and recreate them.


There are some ulilitites around that do cleanup and maintenance in the Registry and Installed Software, you can use them at your own risk. Using them requires some important knowledge.

It happened to me once, that cleaning the registry corrupted some software, and I am a Computer Studies gradiate. Having a backup is always useful

Rule of thumb : The good is afraid of the better. If you have something that works, do not try to change it. A couple of extra entries in the Install-List are harmless.

Hope this helps.


More than agree.
I always install every update as a new LW setup (in a separate directory).

The only way to get the best from all of them!


Thanks, all. I guess I’ll leave that fat in, out of fear.


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