Unholy Blizzard, Guo Jian (2D)


Title: Unholy Blizzard
Name: Guo Jian
Country: China
Software: Painter

a poster I created for the magazine <gamespot china>.
it is about the game of warcraft3 & wow .
may you like it!


wow…~~good pic ,I like this game too,hehe ,but I think the light on the death knight’s left hand,maybe blue is much better,but this pic still ur cool style ,keep ur good works up,cheers up!:thumbsup: :wise::bounce:


Oh my god.
You …I don’t know i can say .
Good …wowowowowo


:applause: I like it very much, Great warcraft scene.

Great style and colors as always, Arthas and Illidian looks great. :thumbsup:

5 stars as always :scream:


Very good
you are very good
I like it very much
very very
I hope to can become the friend with you.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Omg…that’s a one piece of great artwork…!
Love the fight between Illidian & Arthas. Hope to see others of warcraft artwork from you !


Good my chinese friend
Good pic!! I like “wow” very much.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


very nice!!!
good wow


:thumbsup: cool nice!!
very beautiful!


holy shit
thats impressive
great dynamics, love the omposition
the characters are just awesome.
not much to crit in here, well done


I love all of this image. It’s great.
I can see many and many energy.


awesome , impressive picture


It’s great but what the 2 guys are doing looks a little confusing…are they fighting or forging a magic sword? or doing something else…it’s their position and their arms crossing that is confusing, imo.


oooooooooo gREAT:thumbsup:

king arthas has blue EYEsssssssssss:wise: and illidin awesomeeeeeeeeeE all stars:thumbsup:


beautiful red touches:thumbsup:


another fantastic piece tyin!great contrast overall and love the scene setting:thumbsup:


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Good work!


Awesome work!


Awesome work, it seems at least one person posting here is not aware of where this is from so you can learn something from his comment about ‘forging a magic sword.’

Otherwise your perspective and anatomy is not working perfectly in your favor in all the places. Specifically in the area around Illidan’s arms. The biceps on his right arm is absolutely ginormous! He’s not human but in game he’s modeled like a humanoid with long ears before he sprouted horns and wings.

Another small crit, in this picture it certainly seems like Illidan has the upper hand and we know what the outcome was of their duel.
Otherwise you made beautiful use of colors and I like your lighting. 4 stars from me, I really like it, just trying to help with the crits.