Undo handeling


What is the best mechanism to handle undo buffer in SDK? In maxScript we have “undo on” or “undo off” context. How we can achive this in SDK? This is what I got so far:

At the begginig I do:
and a the end I do:

The problem is this dos’nt work somethimes and I lost the buffer completely and I can’t get previuse buffers as well.


you want undo on/off:

for recording an undo-action
TheHold.Accept(“name of undo action”)

for grouping multiple undo actions
TheHold.SuperAccept(“name of super-action”)

for more info see: hold.h in maxSDK

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Do you think we had to accept previus actions before begin? like this:


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Any advice @denisT?


you can nest undo Begin/Accept
theHold has an internal counter adds on begin, szbtract at accept, when this counter reaches zero, an undo-entry will be generated, with name og the last Accept

it depends what your code does

ie. A() and B() are undoable
calling A() then B() - you get 2 undo-entries, one for A(), one for B()
if A calls B - you get ONE undo-entry, the name is A, on undo both actions A() and B() are undone

if you want to call A() and after that B(), but want only one undo-entry for them you need to use SuperBegin/SuperAccept

Undo bug

The UNDO/REDO mechanism in the SDK differs from MXS.

MXS utilizes pre-existing UNDOs for specific methods provided by the system and does not allow the creation of custom undo/redo objects. In the SDK, the RestoreObj class serves this purpose.

Developers are responsible for implementing UNDO/REDO functionality for a method (operation).
While some SDK methods have system-implemented “undoability,” most do not.
Using the theHold wrapping (Begin, Accept) does not guarantee that the block will be undoable.

Determining whether a specific method is undoable or not is not straightforward. The only way to ascertain this is by trying it out. If it turns out to be non-undoable, you’ll need to create your own RestoreObj for it.

You can find numerous examples of a RestoreObj implementation in the SDK.