Undertow v1.0 Plugin - Now available at Introductory Pricing...


My new BodyPaint 3D / Cinema 4D plugin is now available for purchase on the C4D pages at Spanki’s Prop Shop.

For a limited time, I am offering it at the Introductory Price of $24.95

This plugin is a collection of new commands designed to assist UV-mapping within BodyPaint3D, with an additional focus on a workflow of using C4D’s Symmetry Object during the modelling process.

The new commands include:
[li]Group Mirror[/li][li]Mesh Splitter[/li][li]Selection Symmetry[/li][li]UV Map Cylinder[/li][li]UV Map Sphere[/li][li]UV Asepect Fit[/li][li]UV CenterU[/li][li]UV CenterV[/li][li]UV TileU[/li][li]UV TileV[/li][li]UV Symmetry[/li][li]UV Stitcher[/li][li]UV AlignU[/li][li]UV AlignV[/li][/ul]…a detailed description of the plugin and individual commands is available at the link above.




In my haste to get this thing out the door, I forgot to thank some folks who helped make it happen… so here’s a special “Thank You” to the following people who helped beta test for me:


And a few special mentions for development resources and support:

‘Kerwin Rabbitroo’ and ‘Kuroyume0161’

Thanks folks!


Great news Keith ! :wink:


you think you can figure out a way to mirrow lights? this is huge for me and very anoying that c4d can’t do this.


Hmm… I’ve never looked into this, but I’ll give it some thought.


Hi there
I added link and a short description of your tool to our News… (www.3dsoftware.cz)



Mocca’s Bone Mirror Tool will Mirror your Lights. You might have to rotate it if its a spotlight (as it only mirrors the position, not rotations). I’m kinda surprised people haven’t thought to try it.


Looks like a really handy set of tools. Just sent you a PayPal order. $25 is a good deal.:thumbsup:

I would also just like to say that the Documentation is great. Very well done.


Sorry, I wasn’t getting e-bots for this thread…

Anyway, I just uploaded another tutorial (Part II) to my site. Here are links to the .zip files…

UV Mapping a Head - Part I (about 4mb)

UV Mapping a Head - Part II (about 15mb)

…they are also linked from the C4D page at my site (link up top).

This is the second part in a series of tutorials I’m doing to introduce my Undertow plugin, so I do use several of those commands in the tutorials (hey, I am trying to promote and demo my plugin here :)), but hopefully the methodology will still prove useful to those without my plugin (or perhaps the DEMO version of it) or using some other app.



p.s… Sometimes the quality or coloring of the tutorial imagery is not so hot - and sometimes it looks like I’m waving some magic wand as ‘stuff happens’ as the mouse glides across the screen… I’m pretty new to using the Flash software (Wink), so that might be my fault - sorry about that.


Thanks Pavel - I don’t read Chek (?) but/so I appreciate the translation and notice to your fellow contrymen!



I appreciate the patronage - thanks!

I’m not sure if you used another e-mail to place the order… did you get my reply yet? Let me know if not and we can look into it.

EDIT: Oh and thanks for the comments about the documentation - I put a lot of effort into it (so far), but I always find it hard to know exactly how much technical detail to get into vs. generalizations, before some folks eyes gloss over :eek: . In general, I consider myself a terrible writer, so I’m always happy to hear that it might have at least made some sense to someone, somewhere ;).




Hi Keith,

Got the email with the plugin attached, within a few minutes after getting the PayPal receipt.


Now I’ve really got to knuckle down and learn BodyPaint.

I should scroll up more often. Thanks for the video tuts too.:slight_smile:


Ahh, cool beans. Have fun :).


Due to some hold ups on my part, I’ve decided to extend the Introductory Pricing until at least the end of the month (was supposed to end 2 days ago :slight_smile: .




Congratualtions Keith, defintiely some really useful features chi has talked to me about.definitely recommend this one to people doing lot of UV’s, its great for people doing a lot of ZBrush work too.


Hi Keith,

Thanks for the tut’s. Now that I have a registered copie of Undertow I’m going to watch the tut’s.

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the purchase :slight_smile:

The tuts are my first attempt at doing something like that, so be kind :slight_smile: There is at least one other one planned (that explains/demonstrates more of the tools), but I got side-tracked trying to overhaul my site, so it may be a while before I get to it.




Thanks Keith.

I just watched the tut’s and it looks like a very handy and quick way to unwrap a good uvmap.

This wil make the allready great BP more great…

Rich-Art. :thumbsup:


DOn’t use a symetry object.
Use an instance, scaled to -1 in the desired angle.
This will mirror lights.


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